CNN Host Celebrates Death of Fox News Journalist in Ukraine: ‘He Deserved It’

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CNN host caught celebrating death of Fox News journalist in Ukraine

A CNN host has come under fire after she was caught gloating and celebrating the death of a Fox News journalist in Ukraine.

Following the killing of Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski near Kyiv Tuesday, CNN analyst Susan Glasser immediately tweeted her pleasure at seeing a political rival get his “comeuppance.”

“What a tragedy,” Glasser snidely tweeted in response to a tweet from Fox News’ John Roberts reporting Zakrzewski’s death.

“A cameraman died covering the war for a TV network that airs a pro-Putin propagandist as its top-rated primetime host,” she added. reports: Glasser’s contemptuous commentary about “a TV network that airs a pro-Putin propagandist” was in reference to Fox and their highly-rated host Tucker Carlson, who has been accused by leftists of spouting pro-Putin talking points after highlighting US-funded biolabs in Ukraine.

Glasser was slammed in her tweet’s comment section as “terrible” for politicizing Zakrzewski’s death.

As if realizing she made a huge mistake, Glasser (five minutes later) issued a corresponding tweet claiming she was grateful for Zakrzewski’s sacrifice – unfortunately the damage had already been done.

Glasser’s ill-thought-out tweet comes just one day after the hosts on ABC’s The View called on the DOJ to investigate Tucker Carlson for supposedly spewing pro-Russia propaganda, with co-host Whoopi Goldberg adding, “They used to arrest people for doing stuff like this.”

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