CNN Becomes Most ‘Unwatched Channel’ In News

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CNN becomes most unwatched news channel in US history

CNN has officially become the most unwatched channel in cable news, according to new ratings research by Nielsen Media. 

The embattled far-left network took a double-digit ratings nosedive in August even as Fox News and others grew their audiences.

Nielsen Media Research reports that CNN had one of its worst months ever, despite a banner news months. reports: While Fox News notched its 200th consecutive month at number one in cable news and gained in primetime viewers (when compared to this same month last year), CNN lost -12 percent of its primetime viewers and a whopping -15 percent of total day viewers.

Fox News averaged 1.3 million total day viewers (down -4 percent) and an incredible 2.3 million primetime viewers (up +4 percent).

MSNBC averaged 1.04 million total day numbers (down -4 percent) and 1.845 million primetime viewers (up +1 percent).

CNN, however, is once again well behind its competition with just 705K total day viewers (down -15 percent) and 1.05 million primetime viewers (down -12 percent), which averages to less than half of Fox’s primetime viewers.

In all of basic cable, Fox was again number one (for the 26th consecutive month), MSNBC was second. CNN, however, came in sixth, behind Fox, MSNBC, HGTV, USA, and the History Channel.

The news was just as bad for CNN in the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age demographic.

During primetime, Fox was down -9 percent in the demo, while both MSNBC and CNN were down -17 percent.

In the total day demo, Fox dropped -17 percent, MSNBC fell -16 percent, and the bottom fell out of CNN with a -24 percent drop.

CNN promoted Chris Cuomo to boost is humiliating primetime ratings but, compared to that time slot last year, the far-left Cuomo is down -12 percent.

CNN’s ongoing credibility and bias problems have no doubt injured the anti-Trump network, but things are probably going to get worse. The biggest story CNN has broken in months — a story about President Trump knowing in advance about the Trump Tower meeting — has imploded on the already-embattled network and is taking one of CNN’s biggest names, Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, down with it.

The Trump Tower story is not only fake news, Bernstein and his co-authors (including CNN anchor and former Obama official Jim Sciutto) have been caught lying about who their source was.

The CNN story says that Lanny Davis refused to comment on the story, but Davis was a source for the story, a source who is now publicly recanting everything.

Nevertheless, as if to prolong its disgrace, CNN is standing by its fake news rubble, refusing to retract or even comment.

CNN is just as left-wing as MSNBC, but CNN cannot even compete for viewers with MSNBC because 1.) MSNBC is at least honest about its biases; 2.) MSNBC does not have the same mounting credibility problems as CNN; and 3.) MSNBC is better produced than CNN.

After this latest fake news fiasco, the biggest of the year so far in all of the media, CNN’s problems are only going to get worse. No one has deceived the public more during the Trump era than CNN, which is saying a lot, and the last-place network continues to publish and broadcast deceptions in ways both small and consequential.

There is just no question CNN made a play for MSNBC’s Trump-hating audience, but even Trump-haters resent being lied to.

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