CNN: Trump’s Use of Term ‘Which Hunt’ Is Offensive to Witches

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CNN complains that Trump's use of the term witch hunt is offensive to actual witches

CNN recently interviewed a number of witches who were all ‘distraught’ that President Trump used the offensive term ‘Witch Hunt’ in regards to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian collusion.

“Modern day witches are hard to categorize,” CNN’s Jeanne Moos told viewers. “Witches tend to side with liberals, and what they wish President Trump would stop saying about the Mueller investigation…” [Several cuts of Trump using the term “Witch Hunt.” reports:  The segment then defers to the author of “Witchcraft Activism,” David Salisbury, who calls the President’s use of the term “really disgraceful.”

“I mean, thousands and people were executed in Europe on suspicion of witchcraft,” he said.

CNN then cuts to another distraught witch.

“There’s a lot to be offended by by Donald Trump, and I think his use of the term witch hunt is very low on that list of priorities for most witches, but nevertheless, it does demonstrate his ignorance, as usual,” said Amanda Yates, the Oracle of Los Angeles.

Watch the hard-hitting report:


  1. Witches are satans children..they have no rights.. they should all be killed…. ffs…its not rocket science…

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