Democrat-Linked “Russian Bot” Scheme Being Ignored by Mainstream Media

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Democrat Russian-bot scheme is being largely ignored by the mainstream media. Wonder why?

A Democrat-linked election meddling scheme involving “Russian bots” targeting a Republican candidate is being widely ignored by the mainstream media, despite concrete evidence showing it to be true. 

For over two years now, the obsession over “Russian collusion” and “Russian election meddling” has reached fever pitch, with mainstream media outlets incessantly repeating unsubstantiated rumors that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. reports: Having no evidence of collusion aside from a largely unverified opposition-research dossier fabricated by a former British spy, the focus shifted from “collusion” to “meddling” and “influence.” In other words, maybe Trump didn’t actually collude with Putin, but the Kremlin used Russian tricks to influence the election in Trump’s favor.

To some, this looked like nothing more than an establishment scheme to cast a permanent spectre of doubt over the legitimacy of President Donald J. Trump.

Election meddling “Russian bots” and “troll farms” became the central focus – as claims were levied of social media operations conducted by Kremlin-linked organizations which sought to influence and divide certain segments of America.

And while scant evidence of a Russian influence operation exists outside of a handful of indictments connected to a St. Petersburg “Troll farm” (which a liberal journalist cast serious doubt over), the MSM – with all of their proselytizing over the “threat to democracy” that election meddling poses, has largely decided to ignore actual evidence of “Russian bots” created by Democrat IT experts, used against a GOP candidate in the Alabama special election, and amplified through the Russian bot-detecting “Hamilton 68” dashboard developed by the same IT experts.

Democratic operative Jonathon Morgan – bankrolled by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, pulled a Russian bot “false flag” operation against GOP candidate Roy Moore in the Alabama special election last year – creating thousands of fake social media accounts designed to influence voters. Hoffman has since apologized, while Morgan was suspended by Facebook for “coordinated inauthentic” behavior.

As Russian state-owned RT puts it – and who could blame them for being a bit pissed over the whole thing, “it turns out there really was meddling in American democracy by “Russian bots.” Except they weren’t run from Moscow or St. Petersburg, but from the offices of Democrat operatives chiefly responsible for creating and amplifying the “Russiagate” hysteria over the past two years in a textbook case of psychological projection.”

A week before Christmas, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report accusing Russia of depressing Democrat voter turnout by targeting African-Americans on social media. Its authors, New Knowledge, quickly became a household name.

Described by the New York Times as a group of “tech specialists who lean Democratic,” New Knowledge has ties to both the US military and intelligence agencies. Its CEO and co-founder Jonathon Morgan previously worked for DARPA, the US military’s advanced research agency. His partner, Ryan Fox, is a 15-year veteran of the National Security Agency who also worked as a computer analyst for the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Their unique skill sets have managed to attract the eye of investors, who pumped $11 million into the company in 2018 alone.

On December 19, a New York Times story revealed that Morgan and his crew had created a fake army of Russian bots, as well as fake Facebook groups, in order to discredit Republican candidate Roy Moore in Alabama’s 2017 special election for the US Senate.

Working on behalf of the Democrats, Morgan and his crew created an estimated 1,000 fake Twitter accounts with Russian names, and had them follow Moore. They also operated several Facebook pages where they posed as Alabama conservatives who wanted like-minded voters to support a write-in candidate instead.

In an internal memo, New Knowledge boasted that it had “orchestrated an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation that planted the idea that the Moore campaign was amplified on social media by a Russian botnet.”

It worked. The botnet claim made a splash on social media and was further amplified by Mother Jones, which based its story on expert opinion from Morgan’s other dubious creation, Hamilton 68. RT

Moore ended up losing the Alabama special election by a slim margin of just

In other words: In November 2017 – when Moore and his Democratic opponent were in a bitter fight to win over voters – Morgan openly promoted the theory that Russian bots were supporting Moore’s campaign. A year later – after being caught red-handed orchestrating a self-described “false flag” operation – Morgan now says that his team never thought that the bots were Russian and have no idea what their purpose was. Did he think no one would notice? RT

Even more strange is that Scott Shane – the journalist who wrote the New York Times piece exposing the Alabama “Russian bot” scheme, knew about it for months after speaking at an event where the organizers bragged about the false flag on Moore.

Shane was one of the speakers at a meeting in September, organized by American Engagement Technologies, a group run by Mikey Dickerson, President Barack Obama’s former tech czar. Dickerson explained how AET spent $100,000 on New Knowledge’s campaign to suppress Republican votes, “enrage” Democrats to boost turnout, and execute a “false flag” to hrt Moore. He dubbed it “Project Birmingham.” RT

Shane told BuzzFeed that he was “shocked” by the revelations, though hid behind a nondisclosure agreement at the request of American Engagement Technologies (AET). He instead chose to spin the New Knowledge “false flag” operation on Moore as “limited Russian tactics” which were part of an “experiment” that had a budget of “only” $100,000 – and which had no effect on the election.

New Knowledge suggested that the false flag operation was simply a “research project,” which Morgan suggested was designed “to better understand and report on the tactics and effects of social media disinformation.”

While the New York Times seemed satisfied with his explanation, others pointed out that Morgan had used the Hamilton 68 dashboard to give his “false flag” more credibility – misleading the public about a “Russian” influence campaign that he knew was fake.

New Knowledge’s protestations apparently didn’t convince Facebook, which announced last week that five accounts linked to New Knowledge – including Morgan’s – had been suspended  for engaging in “coordinated inauthentic behavior.” RT

They knew exactly what they were doing

While Morgan and New Knowledge sought to frame the “Project Birmingham” as a simple research project, a leaked copy of the operation’s after-action report reveals that they knew exactly what they were doing.

“We targeted 650,000 like AL voters, with a combination of persona accounts, astroturfing, automated social media amplification and targeted advertising,” reads the report published by entrepreneur and executive coach Jeff Giesea.

The rhetorical question remains, why did the MSM drop this election meddling story like a hot rock after the initial headlines faded away?


  1. These reporters and networks have been named in the WikiLeaks to have colluded with the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 election cycle:
    ABC – Cecilia Vega
    ABC – David Muir
    ABC – Diane Sawyer
    ABC – George Stephanoplous
    ABC – Jon Karl
    ABC – Liz Kreutz
    AP – Julie Pace
    AP – Ken Thomas
    AP – Lisa Lerer
    AURN – April Ryan
    Bloomberg – Jennifer Epstein
    Bloomberg – John Heillman
    Bloomberg/MSNBC – Jonathan Alter
    Bloomberg – Mark Halperin
    Buzzfeed – Ben Smith
    Buzzfeed – Ruby Cramer
    CBS – Gayle King
    CBS – John Dickerson
    CBS – Norah O’Donnell
    CBS – Steve Chagaris
    CBS – Vicki Gordon
    CNBC – John Harwood
    CNN – Brianna Keilar
    CNN – Dan Merica
    CNN – David Chailan
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    CNN – Jake Tapper
    CNN – Jeff Zeleny
    CNN – Jeff Zucker
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    CNN – Kate Bouldan
    CNN – Maria Cardona
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    Daily Beast – Jackie Kucinich
    GPG – Mike Feldman
    HuffPo – Amanda Terkel
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