Arrests For Condom-Clogged Pipe At ‘Massage Parlor’ In Texas

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Cops got tipped off about a massage parlor's happy endings services, after a waste pipe became clogged with condoms.

Police in Austin, Texas say they have discovered a prostitution ring at a massage parlor called Jade Massage Therapy. Cops got tipped off about the happy endings services, after a waste pipe became clogged with condoms.

The massage parlor/ brothel is owned by a husband and wife duo- a woman named Juan Wang and her husband, Joseph Emery.

WJLA reports:

Two days before police were called to investigate the massage parlor, Wang was stopped at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. While passing through security, TSA agents noticed $30,000 in duct-taped bundles in her baggage.

In an arrest affidavit, Wang said she was on her way to China for a medical procedure and the money came from her business, Jade Massage. Wang told the officers she made $20,000 a year, but when officers pointed out she was carrying more than a year’s worth of income, she became nervous and struggled to answer further questions. Wang was allowed to board her plane to China after she gave police a contact number.

During an investigation, officers found numerous online ads for Jade Massage on with ads posted as frequently as 2-3 times a day. The ads contained photos of women along with Juan Wang’s phone number.

When officers were doing surveillance of Jade Massage Therapy on March 7th, they noticed a man walk into the business at 10:12 a.m. He was seen leaving at 11:07 a.m. Police stopped him for an interview and he said he received a regular massage, which ended in a sexual act. He paid $40 extra in cash per pop, according to an arrest affidavit.

On March 22nd, police executed a search warrant on the whorehouse. They found Wang in a massage room with a naked man. A second naked man was found in another room with a female masseuse. Officers also searched the couple’s home, where they found $60,000 in a safe.

When interviewed by police, Wang said she hired the women through a friend. She said the women lived with her and Emery at their home and she paid them in cash or check.

Wang and Emery are charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and money laundering.


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  3. Where I live “happy endings” are not at all unusual in virtually all massage parlors. And naked men getting a massage? Oh, my I should be wearing their undies and knickers. No. Police only get upset if it involves minors. I do not know if they need to be paid off. I think, generally, no. They deserve to be arrested for clogging the sewers. Hey, reminds me of all the condoms I saw in the Hudson River in lower Manhattan on morning. Must have been a Sunday. A sea of condoms, Hundreds per square yard. I assume most came from Haarlem. Yeah, and this was around the time of the big protest for the construction of a sewerage treatment plant in Haarlem that would have had a park on top — oh, no it was racist! Another comment is correct. Our energies and attention needs to be brought to bear on arresting and imprisoning (I would prefer execution but our so.called conservative Supreme Court opines that execution of a child rapist is “cruel and unusual”. Not only overstepped bounds of justice on this one the foul SCOTUS, but violated States’ Rights on this one, a cherished conservative principle. Hmm, since so many in power are pedophiles (or are forced into child abuse and murder to gain entry into the elite circles) now I wonder if a few on the Court were feeling a bit guilty on the subject of child abuse.

  4. The name of the place was named Happy Endings??? HELLO! How long did it take for them to figure out it was a prostitution ring?

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