Coronavirus Has Proved That ‘Human Beings Are Like Dust’ Says The Pope

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Pope Francis

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted humanity’s vulnerability as well as the need for greater “multilateral cooperation” according to Pope Francis.

The pope told participants at a solidarity event late last week, that the “health, economic, and social crisis caused by covid-19 has reminded everyone that human beings are like dust…but valuable dust in the eyes of God, who constituted us as a single human family.”

The Pope continued “Multilateral cooperation is a valuable tool to promote the common good, paying special attention to the deep and new causes of forced displacement, so that borders are not areas of tension, but open arms of reconciliation.”

Brietbart reports: Francis declared that humanity is at a crossroads and must choose between “the strengthening of multilateralism” or “self-sufficiency, nationalism, protectionism, individualism and isolation.”

This latter choice necessarily leaves out “the poorest, the most vulnerable, the inhabitants of the existential peripheries,” he contended.

At this critical moment, the family of nations is called to give attention to all, “especially the smallest and most vulnerable members, without yielding to the logic of competition and particular interests,” he said.

As he has done on other occasions, the pope also voiced his opinion that humanity is facing a “climate crisis characterized by an increasingly intense drought and increasingly frequent hurricanes,” an assertion contested by well-known climate activists who insist the facts do not sustain it.

He argued that many people “are forced to flee due to the onset of the severe climate crisis,” and therefore policies must be adopted “aimed at mitigating the impact of both climatic phenomena and environmental catastrophes caused by man in his work of land grabbing, deforestation and appropriation of water.”

Regarding international migration, Francis reaffirmed the right of states to manage their own borders, but insisted that the principle of the centrality of the human person “obliges us to always put personal security before national security.”


  1. “Human Beings are like dust” not a biblical point of view. But, what do you expect from a demonic jesuit.
    The vatican views humanity as sheep. We are just worm food to them. However, Christ teaches that if we believe we are sanctified and inherit the kingdom of God. The pope is a liar.

    • We are the living flesh and the blood flows in our veins and we are the children of our Father God We are divine beings with His blood , of His Flesh created in His image .

    • “Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust” I am not offended of being called dust , I am more interested to know when the Vatican will be punished for being caught having cocaine induced gay pedophilic sex parties…. IN THE VATICAN

  2. It’s demonstrated the vulnerability and weakness of democracy and it’s inability to defend we the people from tyrranical laws passed in anticipation of the global conspiracy to take over the world. All orchestratesd from a central source.

  3. Such a sweet sounding spiel of spin.We are not “like dust” a family of dust.We are God’s creation in His own image as descendants of Adam and Eve and Noah particularly after all the hybrids were drowned in the flood .We were created by God’s breathing life upon the dust if the creation of earth. It was not man that ruined the Garden by wrecking the harmony of natural balance but GREEDY SELFISH IMPERIALISTIC forces controlled entirely by tiny elite minorities wanting to possess the whole world for their own benefit Still today its evil and selfish greedy materialists who are grabbing all the farmlands the housing the water supplies the energy the natural resources totally globally destroying individuals liberties freedoms and democracies all to serve one rule of utterly corrupt and deceitful law serving the richest and pretending to care about the and usung secret sciences to manipulate climate ,create droughts ,cause hurricanes all weather warfare weapons designed in the 1970s and perfected with practice over decades and paid for by exploiting the masses with taxes .Manufacturing a show to deceive then and grant the selfish few even more power over the flock of innocent ignorants who know next ti nothing of the truth about anything .Not the law , not science ,not intentions and not the truth about the main actors motivations .

  4. So….when are they getting rid of the useless pope? Religion has been a giant money-making scam for over 2,000 years.

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