Coronavirus Vaccine ‘Unlikely To Be Made Compulsory’ In UK As High Levels Of Demand Expected

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The UK Health Secretary has said that it is unlikely that the government would need to make a coronavirus vaccine compulsory

Matt Hancock played down suggestions that the Government may have to make the vaccination compulsory once it became available, as he believed there would be a high level of demand from the public.

“I think the extent of the public’s reaction following the lockdown shows we will be able to achieve very, very high levels of vaccination without taking that step,” he said.

The Mirror reports: When asked about making a vaccine compulsory for children, Mr Hancock said: “I think that the extent of the public’s reaction to following the lockdown shows that we will be able to achieve very high levels of vaccination without taking that step.”

Addressing potential opposition from anti-vaxxers, Mr Hancock added: “I think there has been no greater demonstration in modern history that vaccines save lives than the need for a vaccine to save lives and to get the world going again following the outbreak of Covid-19.

“And we will only license a vaccine when it is both effective and safe and… if and when the independent regulators license a vaccine in this country they will do so knowing that it is safe and everybody should follow that advice.”

When asked, Mr Hancock said he did not “rule out” compulsory vaccinations – but added that ministers are anticipating “enormous demand” for vaccination anyway.

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