Cory Booker: We Need to Talk About Transgenders More

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Cory Booker vows to talk about transgenders more

Democratic 2020 candidate Cory Booker has slammed Americans for not talking enough about transgenders.

During Wednesday night’s first Democratic debate, the 2020 hopeful argued that the United States doesn’t talk about the trans community enough, “especially African-American trans-Americans.”

Interrupting the other candidates on Stage, Booker declared:

“We do not talk enough about trans-Americans, especially African American trans-Americans, and even incredibly high rates of murder right now.” reports: He compared the transgender rights struggles to the civil rights of black Americans, recalling a time when they were lynched in America.

Booker also said that up to 30 percent of LGBT schoolchildren were afraid to go to school.

He then argued that Democrats needed to do more than just support the Equality Act proposed in Congress.

“We need to have a president that will fight to protect LGBTQ Americans every single day from violence,” he said.


  1. He’s chosen a demographic to support which is about of .005% of the population. This should pole-vault him to the top of the heap, no doubt. These people are shameless.

  2. Is a “trans American” a Mexican who identifies as a US citizen? And where did he get that 30% figure? His backside? Schools aggressively PUSH homosexual agendas now.

  3. No. There is not one respectable third sex individual who wants anyone, especially a modern man/woman talking about this. None.

  4. Cory B, is wanting equal rights for his friends. Well, he and they will get them on the Day of Judgment when he and they stand before their Creator Judge who by the way is absolutely impartial.

    Unless he changes his mind now while he lives breathing in the very air his Creator made for hm to breathe, then he will wish lamenting forever that he had changed his mind while here on this place we call home.
    He needs to wise up and read The Book which has all the details in it he needs to know now about the present and his future.

    I will pray for him.,

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