Could NASA’s Creation Of A Second Sun Be The Next 9/11?

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In Arthur C. Clarke’s  2010: Odyssey Two, an alien monolith orbiting Jupiter replicates itself billions of times, using matter from Jupiter, condensing the gas giant down into a smaller, denser, hotter mass until it suddenly achieves sustained nuclear fusion and becomes a star – a new sun to nearby Earth-like moons and becoming a solar system within a solar system. The new sun is named Lucifer and, from that point on, the inhabitants of Earth have two suns in their sky.

Of course all this is just science fiction. But could it be science fact? A number of people believe that turning Jupiter into a star is not only possible but that NASA are working on it right now. Some theorize that ‘The Lucifer Project’ has already begun and that the conversion of Jupiter has already been attempted.

The way it would work is like this: radioactive material would be sent to the gas giant Jupiter and would act like an atomic bomb; the planet would be ignited and thus become a star, a star which would act as a sun for its moons, turning them into habitable worlds – quite possibly for future human colonization.

Many don’t believe the story and cite it as just another conspiracy theory. (See this article at But what if The Lucifer Project is for real? What if this is REALLY happening?

Others have the idea that The Lucifer Project could result in the ultimate false flag operation. Can you imagine what would happen if the project was a success and a second sun appeared in our skies? Not only would is be a massive and scary distraction, but it’s said that in the creation of that second sun, many a catastrophe would occur on earth. In the wake of these catastrophes, new draconian national security measures would be imposed and individual freedoms would be eroded.

The Lucifer Project, if it exists, could be the false flag that dwarfs all others.

Jacqui Deevoy
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