Investigation: 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Crew Members Found Alive

Fact checked
The seven NASA astronauts supposedly killed in the 1986 Challenger disaster did not die and are living out their lives in the U.S.

The seven NASA astronauts supposedly killed in the 1986 Challenger disaster did not die in the explosion and are quietly living out their lives in the U.S., with many of them “hiding in plain sight”, using their same names and working at high-levels in their fields, according to explosive evidence provided by investigators.

If you’re age 40 years or older, you’d probably remember January 28, 1986.

That was day of the Challenger disaster, when the NASA Space Shuttle orbiter Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight over the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida at 11:38 EST. All seven crew members were killed, according to NASA, including five astronauts and two payload specialists.

Millions of Americans (17% of the total population) watched the launch live on TV because of Payload Specialist Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher in space. Media coverage of the explosion was extensive: one study reported that 85% of Americans surveyed had heard the news within an hour of the accident.

However, according to the groundbreaking investigative work, we now know that much of the news broadcast on that day was deeply misleading.


We were told that Challenger disintegrated because of a malfunctioning O-ring seal in its right solid rocket booster.

FOTM reports: The O-ring failure caused a breach in the SRB joint it sealed, allowing pressurized burning gas from within the solid rocket motor to reach the outside and impinge upon the adjacent SRB aft field joint attachment hardware and external fuel tank, leading to the structural failure of the external tank. Aerodynamic forces broke up the orbiter.

The crew compartment and many other vehicle fragments were eventually recovered from the ocean floor after a lengthy search and recovery operation. The exact timing of the death of the crew is unknown; several crew members are known to have survived the initial breakup of the spacecraft. But the shuttle had no escape system, and the impact of the crew compartment with the ocean surface was too violent to be survivable.

The disaster resulted in a 32-month hiatus in NASA’s shuttle program and the formation of the Rogers Commission, a special commission appointed by then President Ronald Reagan to investigate the accident. The commission found NASA’s organizational culture and decision-making processes had been key contributing factors to the accident.

These are the names of Challenger’s 7 crew members:

  1. Francis Richard Scobee, Commander
  2. Michael J. Smith, Pilot
  3. Ronald McNair, Mission Specialist
  4. Ellison Onizuka, Mission Specialist
  5. Judith Resnik, Mission Specialist
  6. Gregory Jarvis, Payload Specialist
  7. Christa McAuliffe, Payload Specialist

What if someone were to tell you that most, if not all, of Challenger’s 7 crew members are still alive and thriving in their new professions, contrary to what we’ve been told?

That is the contention of simonshack and other contributors on the chat forum, They claim 6 of the 7 Challenger crew members are still alive; some even kept their names. Here’s their evidence. (Note: Clues Forum referenced a short article by Darrell Foss on Opob News, “Was the Challenger disaster a hoax?,” as their first source.)



Born on May 19, 1939, Commander Francis Richard Scobee was 46 when he died in the Challenger explosion. He would be 75 years old if he were alive today.

Strangely, there’s a man also named Richard Scobee, the CEO of a Chicago marketing-advertising company called Cows in Trees, who bears a striking resemblance (factoring in the 30-year timelapse) to Commander Richard Scobee — same high forehead, same eyebrows, same wide-set eyes that are slightly tilted down in their outer corners.


The source of the pic on the right of CEO Richard Scobee is his LinkedIn page.

If you go on Cows in Trees’ website, you’ll see an animation of a rocket-powered cow in the sky with swirling smoke shaped like the number 6, much like Space Shuttle Challenger as it was seen on TV exploding in mid-air. Wink, wink. CEO Richard Scobee sure has a sense of humor! /sarc



Born on April 30, 1945, Challenger pilot Michael John Smith was 41 years old when he died in the explosion.

There’s a man also named Michael J. Smith, who bears a striking resemblance to astronaut Michael J. Smith — same horizontal eyebrows, same grey-blue eyes, same vertical indentation in the tip of the nose. This Michael J. Smith is a Professor Emeritus (retired) of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, whose email address is


Astronaut Michael J. Smith would be 70 years old if he were still alive today. Well, hot diggidy damn, there just happens to be a 69-year-old Michael J. Smith(the professor?) whose addresses include Madison, Wisconsin! (He’s #74 on this LookUpAnyone list.)


Born on Oct. 21, 1950, Challenger’s mission specialist Ronald McNair, the second African-American astronaut, with a Ph.D. in physics, would be 64 years old if he had not perished in the space shuttle explosion. If Ronald (l) were still alive today, he would look just like this pic of his brother, Carl (r).


Carl McNair is an author, education consultant and inspirational speaker. He is the founder and president emeritus of the Ronald E. McNair Foundation in honor of his brother. Here’s Carl’s LinkedIn page. (Please scroll down to my Update of May 9, 2015, for the results of my search on for the birth record(s) of Carl McNair.)


Another Challenger mission specialist, Ellison Onizuka, the first Japanese-American astronaut, also has a lookalike brother named Claude. Born on June 24, 1946 in Hawaii, Ellison would be 68 years old today if he had not died in the Challenger explosion. If Ellison were still alive, he would look just like this pic of his younger brother Claude — same eyebrows, same eyes, same crow’s feet wrinkles, same nose, even the same hair-parting.


Claude Onizuka is a Liquor Adjudication Board Member of the Department of Liquor Control, County of Hawaii, Hilo, Hawaii. (Please scroll down to my Update of May 9, 2015, for the results of my search on ancestry.comfor the birth record(s) of Claude Onizuka.)


Born on April 5, 1949, Challenger mission specialist Judith Arlene Resnik, with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, was the first Jewish American astronaut to go into space and the second female American astronaut. She would be 66 years old today if she had not died in the explosion.

If she were alive today, it is not difficult to imagine that after 29 years, astronaut Judith Resnik would look like Arthur Liman Professor of Law Judith Resnik at Yale Law School — dark curly hair, dark eyes, same eyebrow shape, same lines on both sides of the face extending up from the jaw.



Simonshack draws our attention to how both Judith Resnicks’ upper lips form a slight peak (on their left) when they speak:


I searched for “Judith Resnik” whose birthday was April 5, 1949 (according to Wikipedia). While there are burials and obituaries for Judith Resnik who was born April 4 or 5, 1949 and died on Jan. 28, 1986 (see below the screenshot I took), I looked through’s 241 death records for the last name Resnik but cannot find the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) for astronaut Judith Resnik or any other Judith Resnik. The only Resnik SSDIs I found are for Gerald Resnik, Paul Resnik, Sharon Resnik, Wulf Resnik, Michael Resnik, Charles Resnik, Stanley Resnik, Gary Resnik, Daniel Resnik, Donald Resnik, and Patricia Resnik. There is no SSDI for Judith Resnik.


Here’s a YouTube video comparing the voices of astronaut Judith Resnick and Professor Judith Resnick. They are the same woman.


Born on Sept. 2, 1948, Sharon Christa McAuliffe was a social studies teacher at Concord High School in New Hampshire when she was selected from more than 11,000 applicants to participate in the NASA Teacher in Space Project. If Challenger had not exploded, she would be the first teacher in space. If she had not died in the Challenger disaster, McAuliffe would be 66 years old today.

Well, there’s a Sharon A. McAuliffe, an adjunct professor at Syracuse University College of Law, who kinda looks like an older astronaut McAuliffe, factoring in the 30 years timelapse. Look at the cowlick of hair, sweeping from the center of their hairlines to the left side of their foreheads


I searched for the SSDI for “Sharon McAuliffe,” with the birthdate of Sept. 2, 1948. I found grave/burial indexes for Sharon Christa McAuliffe and an SSDI for a Sha McAuliffe. See screenshot I took below.


Simonshack points us that “It may also be entirely coincidental” that Syracuse law professor Sharon is a cousin of Terry McAuliffe, the current governor of Virginia who was co-chairman of President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign and chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. Terry McAuliffe, an advocate of gun control, is also very much concerned about NASA funding issues. See here and here.

In the end we need to ask ourselves this question:

It’s one thing that one of the Challenger’s crew members resembles someone alive today. For that, we can chalk it up to a coincidence.

It’s another thing entirely that SIX members of the Challenger crew have doppelgängers who are alive, in some cases with exactly the same names (Richard Scobee, Michael J. Smith, Judith Resnick, Sharon McAuliffe). What are the chances of that?

You don’t have to be an expert in mathematics to know that those odds defy statistical probability.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. I have known this for years having watched the case on YT and websites some years ago.


    It is a shame with these psy-ops.

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  2. Baxter Dmitry- What an pile of shit you are. These people died a horrific death in the name of science and you repost this conspiracy theory crap. Asshole.

  3. “how could so many people required to commit crimes of such atrocity be able to keep quiet about it”~common argument
    answer: pedophilia, Shareholder, Mason, Priest (Imam, et cetera), New World Order

  4. Has any of you investigative type joirnalists walked up to these people and confronted them? Or tried to get an interview with them to ask them surreptitiously whether or not they are in fact the shuttle crew?

    • Best bet would be to get voice recordings and do voice analysis – VERY hard to fake that without preparation.

      Unfortunately, ‘investigative’ journalism seems rare these days.

      Journalist = someone willing to read a press release
      Investigative journalist = someone willing to check if there’s a new press release.

    • To end a treasonous propaganda program (NASA) because they outlived their usefulness.

      NASA was created, solely to compete with the Soviet Union – both programs being propaganda ploys to prove which country is more “advanced”, “powerful”, “smarter”.

      Hollywood had a hand in the dissemination of the disinformation, and once the Soviet Union collapsed, that tool (NASA) was not needed anymore, and could not be allowed to continue to exist, as a federally funded, program.

      In order to conceal the treasonous directives of former presidents and illegitimate legislation by Congress, the best option was to discredit the entire program, turn it into a theme park and let it die a “natural death”.

      If any of it were left to it’s own devices, sooner or later, one little lie would be exposed, and the whole ball of yarn would unravel.

      It’s standard operating procedure for covering up and concealing Treason, and too many Americans are still falling for it. Especially, when new “disaster” after new “disaster” pops up, pushing older “disasters” further and further to the edge of the table, until they fall off and are summarily forgotten.

      • The USSR, Perestroika and all that followed had not occurred in 1986. Jumping the gun to remove the space program perhaps? The comparisons are interesting although facial and head features would need better photos than provided – do ear lobes reduce with weight gain or is it just head angle?

    • Would you go to a murder scene and deny the victim or victims were murdered just because you don’t know the motive?

    • Just because the motive might not be apparent, doesn’t mean there isn’t any.

      The space program was originally designed to create competition during the Cold War, in an attempt to bankrupt the Soviet Union, which did happen.

      Once that goal was realized, government (NASA) was then tasked with pushing back from the table of their propaganda tool, and attempting to make it all become forgotten. The first step toward that goal? Have a disaster, shelve all future projects, and cease and desist in further shows of propaganda.

      Concealing and covering up treasonous propaganda, is plenty of motive.

      • The USSR, Perestroika and all that followed had not occurred in 1986. Jumping the gun to remove the space program perhaps?

    • Who cares what their motive was. If you think this story is bullshit explain to me how come there is no record of the black astro-not having a twin brother prior to 1986. This is easily verifiable, not fake news. It’s because he faked his death and tried living as his twin. The problem is that in 1986 it was easy to hid out because information moved slow and we didn’t have the technology that we do today; they did not nor could not foresee the internet and that was their undoing or else they would have covered their tracks better.

      • It just sounds far fetched. These kind of stories are developed to make is look stupid just like the flat earth theory.
        They use the fact that conspiracy theorist believe anything to discredit real conspiracies like 911.

  5. perhaps they were not on the flight?? What if the US was trying to show the world how “advanced” we were but were not willing to put these lives at risk … just in case something bad happened. They could have staged a successful landing if all would have gone well and the United States would be heros on the world stage …

  6. LOL. So, Onizuka supposedly lost his earlobes? McAuliffe lost half of the breadth of her chin, Resnik’s face slid down to her chin, Carl McNair magically got a different set of natural teeth, AND is a contemporary of his brother, so what happened to his brother then?
    Really, none of these people’s faces match on keypoints.
    This is a clear case of paranoid bullshit artistry. Shit like this is why nobody takes truthseekers serious anymore.
    With completely retarded shit like this and the Flat Earth psychosis, the madness claim that Obama’s wife is a man, that nobody has been on the moon (we can see their remnants with a telescope, but who’s asking for real evidence, right?) etc. etc. all that is accomplished is that nobody takes reasonable conspiracy research serious anymore, and that satire is now called “fake news”.
    Mission accomplished, eh, Baxter?

  7. Earlobes don’t change with age, neither do adults closed front teeth become quite separate- Resnick is convincing though.

  8. Hello, i am doing the challenger for an NHD project. I am here to say that the seven crew members DID INDEED D.I.E. in the explosion. Therefore this website is 100 percent unreliable. It is sickening to see how you are saying they hadn’t died. There is scientific evidence and I have been studying the Challenger for the past three months. If this article is supposed to be funny, I laughed REAL hard. (sarcasm).

  9. Garbage article. The odds “defy statistical probability”, but they came to pass. If you know ANYTHING about disasters in general you’d know that by nature they defy steep odds to occur. Disasters happen because a sequence of small yet critical events come together wrong at a certain time/place. Had any of the events in said sequence hot happened, the disaster likely doesn’t happen. But no, you need your views/ad revenue, or maybe you just can’t seem to get the tinfoil off your head. Whatever the case this article is rubbish and you’ve probably got a lot of others who are inclined to go the way of conspiracy nuts salivating because they finally think they’ve found ‘credible’ information to go on.

  10. The only way this could be true is if the crew and passangers were not aboard the Challanger, and why would that happen. It is obvious that they were looking forwards to the trip. Why and how would they not be, and the odds would be against this being ‘swept’ under the rug.

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