Crowd at Trump Rally Chant ‘LOCK HER UP’ at Ilhan Omar

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Trump rally chants 'lock her up' at Rep Ilhan Omar

Attendees at President Trump’s rally on Wednesday chanted “lock her up” after POTUS slammed Rep. Ilhan Omar over her links to an illegal ballot harvesting scam.

Trump warned of the dangers of allowing refugees to resettle in Minnesota while noting Joe Biden’s pledge to massively increase refugee admissions.

“Another massive issue for Minnesota is the election of Joe Biden’s plan to inundate your state with a historic flood of refugees,” Trump told the crowd.

“Congratulations, Minnesota. Congratulations. No.”

“What is going on with Omar?” Trump then asked, referring to the ballot harvesting scandal.

“I’ve been reading these reports for two years about how corrupt and crooked she is,” Trump said.

The crowd then broke into chants of “lock her up”.