Cuomo’s New York: Criminal Arrested for Violent Rape Days After Being Set Free

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Criminal arrested for rape in Cuomo's New York just days after being released amid coronavirus outbreak

An accused rapist released from Riker’s Island in New York due to the coronavirus outbhreak was rearrested for raping another woman in Brooklyn just days later.

Robert Pondexter, 57, had been incarcerated on rape charges when he was released due to the coronavirus pandemic. Gov. Andrew Cuomo had ordered state prisons to release thousands of dangerous prisoners in order to comply with strict social distancing guidelines.

According to reports, Pondexter was walking on a sidewalk when he violently forced a 58-year-old woman into a school parking lot and then attempted to rape her. reports: The woman was eventually able to kick Pondexter off of her. The attack occurred just 10 days after Pondexter had been released from Riker’s Island under Cuomo’s directives.

Now, Pondexter has been charged with rape, sexual abuse, and criminal possession of crack cocaine.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office told News 12 that Pondexter’s “parole hold was lifted and he was released after it was revealed in court that his case was going to be dismissed because the victims were not cooperative,” explaining his release from Riker’s Island 10 days before the alleged rape.

As of April 20, New York City had released more than 1,500 inmates from prisons due to the coronavirus even as some crime, such as car theft, has skyrocketed in the midst of Cuomo’s statewide stay-at-home orders.