Dad Throws 22 Punches At Pedo Teacher Who Sexually Assaults Daughter

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Father throws 22 punches in 15 seconds to pedophile who sexually assaulted his teenage daughter

A father stormed into a school and landed 22 punches in 15 seconds at a teacher who sexually assaulted his teenage daughter. 

CCTV captured the amazing beating after the dad found the pedophile teacher wondering the school corridor – with his 15-year-old daughter following behind. reports: The father flies into a rage, throwing punches at the teacher while he tries his head for protection from the brutal attack.

The angry dad throws some 22 punches at the teacher in just 15 seconds before walking away with his teenage daughter.

The teacher, named in local media as Jorge Cruceno, 30, has reportedly been suspended after being accused of repeatedly sexually abusing the girl.

The teenagers’ family allegedly found messages from the teacher on her phone.

The beating took place in the city of San Juan, in the central Argentina.

The father had been at the school for a meeting with the school authorities after reporting the suspected abuse to the police.

Local media report Cruceno suffered cuts to his face and forearm in the incident.

He was treated by paramedics before going to the police station to file a complaint against the father.

The investigations into both cases are ongoing.

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