Dave Rubin: Big Tech to Ban ALL Conservatives in 2021 – ‘The Great PURGE Is Coming’

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The great purge is coming, and no conservative will be spared by our social media overlords, warns Dave Rubin.

Dave Rubin warns that all conservatives will be banned by BIg Tech in 2021

If Democrats gain control of the White House and Senate, social media giants will completely purge conservatives from all of their platforms, Dave Rubin has warned.

In a recent interview, the host of the Rubin Report warned that 2021 will be the year conservatives and independent thinkers cease to exist online.

“The ship has sailed with Big Tech,” Rubin warned.

“If Biden gets in, and especially if [Democrats] have the Senate — Trump was the last thing that was stopping Big Tech from lowering the boom — but I think 2021 will be the year of the bannings. It’ll be soft bannings at first. It’ll be more algorithmic depressions, deboosting. shadowbanning, that sort of thing, but then they’ll start picking people off.”

Breitbart.com reports: “Big Tech has shown us what it is,” Rubin remarked, noting ubiquitous political censorship across social media suppressing information and inquiry about election integrity following November’s general and presidential elections.

Rubin recalled, “Two weeks before the election — this is a little insider baseball stuff, but they changed the way you retweet, remember that, where you suddenly have to hit retweet twice to retweet instead of once — and and the reason they did that, obviously, was they were watching out for certain things they didn’t want going viral, perhaps things exposing fraud or whatever it might be after the election.”

Rubin added, “They show you how fraudulent right in front of your face, they’re doing it in plain sight.”

Rubin cofounded Locals, a website describing itself as “a subscription-based community platform” that is “made for creators, by creators.”

“We are disconnected from Big Tech,” Rubin said of Locals. “You own [your content]. You control it. It’s all yours. We’re just giving you the tools to do what you think is right.”

A Republican Senate majority may be a bulwark against the coordinated push for leftist-driven digital censorship between the Democrat Party and Big Tech.

Rubin determined, “Putting aside whatever your feelings are on any particular policy, if there is any hope for us to have a government that will have a little push and pull, that will not be completely dominated by the Democrats — going on the assumptions that Biden is going to be president, which I’m still not even sure of, but going on that assumption — we need a push and pull, right now.”

“If [Democrats] take the Senate, too, the radical thing that we are all fighting — because it’s basically everyone versus the wokesters — the wokesters will have nothing to stop them,” Rubin concluded.


  1. Its not just that they’re banning the truth ” they in there hate the trurh ” Pope emeritus Benedict describing the Vatican but theyee editing things that are t banning too Editing documentaries movies ,ETC. and doing it really deceitfully using ads to cover things and all manner of deceitful devious dishonest trickery like that .All to hide any evidence that 3xpises the truth about them and their global ambition s methods and means . All using the rule of law .As their weapon.

    • And Dominion has already been paid MILLIONS by various States who have already signed 10 year contracts and they will not be willing to break them BUT that’s because they’re corrupt Any contract can be voided instantly if there are illegal factors involved in one parties service delivery unless it formed part of the contract ,which would make it criminal anyway so illegal. That’s why the law wont deal with it .Theres hundreds of millions on the table .And they will NOT want the truth exposed. Image is everything to deceivers and you can spot a deceiver just by their image .And the real highly paid expert deceivers always have the classic stony faced expression unless theyre spitting outraged indignation.

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