South Korea Opens Fire As Suspected North Korean Drone Crosses Border

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Aegis Anti-Missile System

The situation between the two Korea’s is escalating into war as South Korea fired machine gun rounds towards the North, after a North Korean drone briefly crossed their border.

The North Korean drone was flying dozens of meters (yards) south of the border and returned to the northern side following the warning shots.

South Korea is laying siege to the North after bombarding it constantly across the border with loud propaganda and annoying music. The North Koreans have responded by dropping leaflets at the border with the South, calling them ‘Mad Dogs.’

The latest incident follows a chilling message from the leader of North Korea, King Jong-un, claiming that “they were on the brink of war” after testing an H-bomb last week.

The Daily Express reports:

Since Friday, South Korea has been blasting anti-Pyongyang propaganda and K-pop songs from huge speakers along the border.

South Korea’s president Park Geun-hye said South Korea will continue its loudspeaker campaign, calling it “the surest and most effective psychological warfare tool”.

The North, which calls the broadcasts an act of war meant to threaten its system of government, is using speakers of its own in an attempt to keep its soldiers from hearing the South Korean messages.

Park has now urged China, who is North Korea’s only major ally, to help punish the rogue nation for its continued power demonstration.

The request comes after Seoul claimed North Korea had dropped leaflets across the border describing their government as “mad dogs”.

South Korea, the United States and others are pushing hard to impose fresh sanctions and other punitive measures on the North Korean dictator.

Diplomats at a UN Security Council emergency session last week pledged to swiftly pursue new sanctions.

However China, as veto-wielding permanent member of the Security Council, is seen as key to imposing those sanctions.

On Wednesday, Park said South Korea would push as hard as it can for strong sanctions.

She said: “Holding the hands of someone in a difficult situation is the mark of the best partner.”

Beijing is seen as reluctant to clamp down on the North because of fears that a toppled government in Pyongyang would lead to millions of desperate North Koreans flooding across the border to China.

North Korean drone flights across the world’s most heavily armed border are rare but have happened before.

In recent years North Korea touted its drone program, a relatively new addition to its arsenal.

A potential new security threat was sparked in 2014 when Seoul officials discovered what they called several North Korean drones that had flown across the border.

Just days after North Korea heightened global tensions with their H-bomb revelation, the US Navy announced a new missile defence “capable of destroying ballistic missile targets”.

The Pentagon revealed the upgrade to the latest Baseline 9.C1 version of its Aegis missile defence system in response to the growing threat.

Spokesman Jim Sheridan said the latest upgrade can destroy air and ballistic missile targets simultaneously.

He said: “The Aegis Combat System Baseline 9.C1 offers unprecedented capabilities, including simultaneous air and ballistic missile defence (BMD).

“The BMD capabilities of Baseline 9.C1 are also present in Aegis Ashore, the ground-based missile defence program that is the second phase of the US Phased Adaptive Approach to protect Europe from ballistic missile attack.”

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