Driver Cheats Death On The Hard Shoulder Of M25 Motorway

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Parking in the emergency lane of the M25 motorway to inspect your vehicle doesn’t take you away from the action happening around you, but puts you right in it.

A Driver nearly gets wiped out by a juggernaut as he inspects his truck on the hard shoulder of the M25.

The Daily Star reports:M25

Footage uploaded to YouTube shows the very instance the tyre explodes, sending rubber flying all over the road.

And soon after, a door-mounted camera shows the driver on the hard shoulder climbing from his cab to check the damage.

steve twamley YouTube video:

Despite the cars hurtling past, he is unfazed, hardly flinching as a HGV zooms by his head – but the worse is yet to come.

Because moments later another lorry crosses the white line into the hard shoulder and barrels towards him.

The man, either blown back by the high-speed vehicle or shifting clear just in time, is within inches of certain death.

Yet the driver was able to walk away from the incident with no lasting injuries.

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