David Cameron: Google, Facebook and Twitter have duty to take down extremist material

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David Cameron: Google, Facebook and Twitter have duty to take down extremist material

David Cameron warns tech companies that internet cannot remain an ‘ungoverned space’.

The Telegraph reports: Facebook, Google, Twitter and other technology giants must “live up to their social responsibilities” and do more to take down extremist material from the internet, David Cameron has suggested.

Mr Cameron said that the internet cannot remain an “ungoverned space” and that technology companies must be “more proactive” in helping authorities remove “harmful” material.

His intervention came after Robert Hannigan, the new head of GCHQ, warned last month that Facebook and Twitter have become “command and control centres” for Isil terrorists.

The security services are increasingly concerned that jihadists are exploiting social networking websites to spread their propaganda.

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police is currently taking down one terrorist-related posting every ten minutes from the internet, equivalent to 5,000 a week.

 Mr Cameron disclosed that after negotiations lead by Downing Street, internet service providers including Virgin, Sky, BT and Talk Talk have agreed to incorporate a button enabling the public to report extremist material on their websites.

They have also agreed to ensure that their child protection filters protect young people from being exposed to jihadist material online.

However, Mr Cameron indicated that he wants to see major technology companies go further.


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