Trump Warns Hawaiians ‘Kim Jong-Un Is Going To Shatter Your Windows’

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President Trump has sent a "President's Special Message" to Hawaiians warning them to "expect" a North Korean nuclear missile will "shatter your windows" and disturb communications technologies.

President Trump has sent a “President’s Special Message” to Hawaiians warning them to “expect” a North Korean nuclear missile that will “shatter your windows” and disturb communications technologies, throwing the state into chaos.

Warning Hawaiians to stock up on food and water to last at least two weeks, President Trump’s special message also pointed out that although there are no designated nuclear blast or fallout shelters in the islands, residents should be prepared to take action to save themselves.

Keep in mind an explosion/blast does not have to hit land to affect us,” the unprecedented note reads.

In the event of an attack the best place to house yourself and family will ‘likely’ be in your bathrooms,” the chilling letter continues.

Emergency stairwells are an option, although I do not think you would want to spend two (2) weeks in the stairwell.


The Hawaii State Department of Defense, which has made Hawaii the first state to be officially prepared for nuclear attack, also attached information to the letter, issuing guidance direct from the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency:


Other communications technologies may be damaged by weapons effects such as an EMP (Electro.magnetic pulse). RFS (Radio Family Service and GMRS radio are widely available in the community and may be useful in keeping people in communication with one another.

DO NOT look at the flash of the light.”

“Remain sheltered until you are told it is safe to leave or two weeks (14 days) have passed, whichever comes first.”

“You may be advised that it is safe to leave your shelter for short periods of time to locate food, water and medical care.

The extraordinary President’s Special Message letter to Hawaiians has sparked fears that North Korea is about to launch a missile attack at the United States, just one week after firing an ICBM over Japan, and issuing direct threats at President Trump.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Why wasn’t this on our local TV news??? how can we know if they don’t tell us on the nightly news…why did they tell us about the school fete on Sunday and not this?…… why didn they tell us about the football on Saturday and not this?….. why aren’t they tell us this stuff?….. I am so confused…. I feel like I have been let down…. Why didn’t they tell us ??

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