DC Lawyer Who Had Dirt on Clintons Killed by Turbulence on Plane

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DC lawyer who had dirt on the Clintons dead after 'turbulence' in plane ride

A top DC lawyer who served in the Clinton administration, and who allegedly had dirt on the Clinton family, was killed when a private plane she was aboard was hit with turbulence while flying over New England.

The business jet carrying five passengers made an emergency landing at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut on Friday after Hyde collapsed suddenly and unexpectedly after the plane hit some severe turbulence.

Dana Hyde, 55, was rushed to a hospital in Hartford, Connecticut on Friday where she was pronounced dead.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Hyde also served as a lawyer on the 9/11 commission.

The FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the incident.

NBC News reported:

A woman who died after the business jet she was aboard hit heavy turbulence while flying over New England was identified Monday as a prominent Beltway lawyer who once served on the 9/11 Commission.

Dana J. Hyde’s name was released by the Connecticut State Troopers, one of the agencies investigating Friday’s emergency landing at Bradley International Airport just north of Hartford.

Hyde, 55, who lived in Cabin John, Maryland, was rushed by ambulance to Saint Francis Medical Center in Hartford, where she was pronounced dead, the agency said.

Her remains are with the Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner while the FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board investigate what happened aboard the Bombardier executive jet that was traveling from Keene, New Hampshire, to Leesburg, Virginia, before suddenly diverting to Bradley.


  1. Now she faces Eternity. Hopefully she had Jesus as her defender in front of the Real Judge.

  2. Killed by turbulence ? Nausea maybe, but killed ? Must be that coincidental turbulence. Dreaded stuff, that is

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