Democrat Donor Ed Buck Now Accused of Human Trafficking

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Major Democrat donor Ed Buck accused of sex trafficking

Top Democrat donor Ed Buck is being accused of human trafficking and revenge porn following the death of a male escort in his apartment in 2017.

As News Punch previously reported, Gemmel Moore died of a meth overdose at Ed Buck’s West Hollywood apartment in July of 2017.

Moore was found dead in Buck’s home on July 27th, with investigators ruling his death as “accidental.” However, Mr. Moore’s friends and family insisted at the time that his death was suspicious.

In January 2019, the body of another young gay escort was found at the Buck’s West Hollywood home.

Now, the mother of Gemmel Moore has filed an amended civil suit accusing Buck of human trafficking and engaging in revenge porn, according to CBS Los Angeles.

“The new amendment is about making sure no box is left unchecked when it comes to all of the crimes that Ed Buck has committed,” Jasmyne Cannick, an advocate for the family, said in a statement. reports: After the district attorney’s office declined to file criminal charges citing insufficient evidence, a wrongful death civil lawsuit was filed.

Now attorneys for Moore’s mother have filed an amendment to that lawsuit. It accuses Buck of human trafficking and engaging in revenge porn by making and sharing a video of his alleged “meth-fueled sexual encounters” with Moore.

“Information we received from other victims of Ed Buck that Ed Buck loves to take pictures of these young men, loves to take videos of them in their inebriated state,” Cannick said.

The amended complaint alleges that Buck “regularly solicits sex from black men in exchange for temporary housing and/or monetary compensation.”

“Gemmel Moore at the time was 26 years old and Ed Buck flew him here from Texas,” Cannick said. “And within 24 hours, he died of a crystal meth overdose.”

Attorneys for Buck said in a statement that they “plan on fighting these allegations vigorously in court.”

In January of this year, a second man died in Buck’s apartment. Authorities ruled 55-year-old Timothy Dean died of an accidental meth overdose.

Buck has contributed to various California races and causes.  He made headlines in September 2010 when he disrupted a campaign event for then California Republican Party gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman. He was confronted by former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. 

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  1. Close political ally to Adam Schiff. When do the “Standard Hotel Follies” become public?

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