Death Star Laser Built To Protect World Leaders At G7 Summit

Fact checked

A German company have built a Death Star-style laser beam to protect world leaders, and it intends to use it at next years G7-Summit in Japan. 

The laser combines multiple 10-kilowatt laser beams into one giant Death Star-style mega-beam. This mega-beam is automatically guided by an optical sensor onto its target. The whole thing is small enough to be loaded into a vehicle.

Japan want the device for their G7-Summit next year to thwart potential rogue drones, and manufacturers say the laser should be able to down a drone in just three seconds. reports:

Japan’s a country that’s been pretty anti-drone this year. Back in April, a drone carrying radioactive material was found atop Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe’s house. Drones were banned from public parks in Tokyo a month later. Security is especially at the forefront of people’s minds with Tokyo’s 2020 Summer Olympics nearing.

It’s probably just a matter of time before we see a company making laser lightsabers for drone duels. Poor drones. They’re just misunderstood!


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