Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs: ‘It’s Time To Kill Americans Who Oppose Child Sex Change Surgery’

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Gov. Kate Hobb's office calls for people who oppose child sex change surgeries to be executed

Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs’ office has declared that Americans who oppose child sex change surgeries should be violently attacked and killed.

According to a disturbing statement issued by Hobb’s press secretary Josselyn Berry, “transphobic” Americans should be targeted for extreme violence in order to eradicate “transphobia.” This comes just one day after a trans school shooter slaughtered three children and three adults at a Christian private school in Nashville.

“Us when we see transphobes” a statement by Hobb’s press secretary read, alongside a photo of a woman pointing two guns. reports: The image appears to be in violation of Twitter’s policy against violent threats which states: “You may not threaten to inflict physical harm on others, which includes (but is not limited to) threatening to kill, torture, sexually assault, or otherwise hurt someone.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Twitter locked the accounts of The Post Millennial, along with Senior Editor Andy Ngo, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Brandon Straka, and others after reporting on the Trans Day of Vengeance, which Antifa and trans groups are organizing for April 1 in Washington, DC. The account that called for violence is still active on the site. 

Conservatives on Twitter were quick to point out Berry’s incitement to violence. Charlie Kirk of TPUSA took note:

As of the time of publication, the tweet was still up.

Berry has a history of trashing law enforcement and recently wrote an official statement that quoted cop-killer terrorist Assata Shakur.