British School Caught Encouraging Students To Pen Suicide Notes

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British schools orders students to write suicide notes

A UK school is facing a huge backlash after they were caught forcing students to pen their own suicide notes during English class assignment. 

Tallis School in southeast London asked 60 of their students to write their own suicide notes as part of a project on Shakespeare’s Macbeth play.

The school was forced to apologize after complaints from parents said that the assignment had left teenagers traumatized, especially given that a recent bout of suicides had occurred in the area. reports: One mother said three of her daughter’s friends had killed themselves, and that her daughter was “very distressed” after being asked to write the note.

She said she complained to the school as soon as her daughter told her about the task.

“On what universe was it ever a good idea to ask a group of teenagers to write suicide notes?” she said to local newspaper News Shopper.

“At least two classes have done this assignment. My daughter is very outspoken but there are other kids not as vocal who might be suffering from depression.”

Another said: “It’s fine for children to learn Shakespeare, but it is certainly not fine to get them to write suicide notes. Whoever came up with this needs to go back to teacher training college.”

Tallis School headteacher, Carolyn Roberts, said “action had been taken” and that similar projects would not happen again.

“A parent contacted us with concerns about a written exercise given to a class during studies of a play by Shakespeare,” she said.

“We appreciate that the exercise was upsetting to the family and have discussed the subject matter and approach with teaching staff.

“I met with the parent last week and apologised wholeheartedly on behalf of the school.”

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