Democrat Senator Arrested for Raping Multiple Children

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Democrat State Senator Tony Navarrete arrested for raping multiple children

Democrat Arizona state Senator Tony Navarrete was arrested on Thursday night for raping multiple underage children, according to reports.

Police officials say Navarrete was arrested for multiple pedophile-related crimes, including the rape of a child that occured in 2019.

The Senate Democrats confirmed his arrest via a statement that read:

“We are aware one of our members has been arrested and are awaiting further details and for law enforcement to do its job. We will not have further comment at this time.” reports: On Tuesday, Navarrete confirmed he tested positive for COVID-19 despite being vaccinated, and he was recovering with mild symptoms at home.

Navarrete was first elected as the State Representative for Arizona’s 30th District in 2016. In 2018 he was elected to serve as the district’s state Senator. He is also the Deputy Director of Promise Arizona, a non-profit.


  1. He has a friend in Biden. Maybe he was identifying himself as a 10 year old boy? So there was no crime committed at all~!

  2. … anyone taking bets that the BIG Democrat machine will fire up and this SOB will walk away unscathed? … Anyone?

  3. Can anyone tell me what Mestizo’s bring to the table besides an appetite, crime, and political strife? Deport them all or the USA will turn communist 3rd world. No 3rd choice

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