Democrat Leader Calls For Repealing The Second Amendment

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Democrat leader vows to repeal Second Amendment

Senior Democrat Party leader Karen Carter Peterson has vowed to repeal the Second Amendment if the Democrats win the next election.

Peterson, who heads the Louisiana Democrat Party, tweeted her support for a complete ban on guns on Tuesday: reports: Peterson is also the current Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party.

Rep. Ralph Abraham posted on the Democratic leader’s comments on Facebook this week.

Earlier this week retired Supreme Court Judge John Paul Stevens wrote an oped in The New York Times calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment.


  1. Brain dead Democrats- guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Watch out that trucks don’t kill you or are you going to ban them as well ?

  2. Let me put this as gently and as PC as I can……….Lady you are a disgrace to the HUMAN race. You live in an illusion of course all of the progressive liberals and the but gravy RINO’s all do. You must admit that or admit the fact that you are the enemy of freedom in the United States of America. Of course I don’t doubt soreazz is paying you big time. You might want to think about the fact that if the demoncraps succeed you will once again be a slave…… but this time there will be none of us left to fight for your freedom. Consider that while you lead our young into abject slavery and mind control VIA social engineering. Oh yes one more thing…… kiss our veteran azzes. Semper Fi

  3. sandy daniels::: I totally agree with you. The thing is this ::: they want too take our guns away so they will have vitrually no resistance toot their nwo!! If they get their wish they will be able too just come into our towns and mow people down, and dont think for a minute they wont do it!!! My dad told me that years ago that if the U.S. Gov ever disarmed the American ppl then some leader would take charge and pow!!, take over america, then kill those who oppose!!, then we have a totalitarianism state that will be a monarchy!!, just like Great Britain was back in the 16th century. Folks it dont get any more real than now!!! This is make or break the country!! signed A Navy Veteran. BTW It will be some former military in your home town that will become the Law once civil disobedience starts, so please once that time starts, support them

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