Democrat Marianne Williamson Defends Philly Looters: Bible Doesn’t Say ‘Thou Shalt Not Loot’

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Former Democrat presidential candidate Marianne Williamson tried to justify another night of violent riots and looting in Philadelphia by claiming the Bible doesn’t say anything about looting.

Yes, really. Apparently, Williamson is unfamiliar with the Ten Commandments, one of which clearly states, “Thou shalt not steal.”

Numerous stores were trashed and looted and police officers were violently attacked by Black Lives Matter supporters “protesting” the shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., who was killed after advancing towards officers with a knife.

One of the stores targeted was Chick-fil-A, despite its CEO Dan Cathy previously demeaning himself by kneeling before a black rapper and shining his shoes in a pro-Black Lives Matter stunt.

Responding to the looting, Williamson took to Twitter to declare, “There are people in this country more concerned about a Walmart being looted than about an innocent man being killed. Many of them tout the Bible, but “Thou shall not loot” is not in there. “Thou shalt not kill” sure is.”

Summit report: When respondents pointed out Williamson’s embarrassing mistake, she was forced to correct herself, tweeting, “Actually, “Thou shalt not steal” is of course in there. But my point about priorities remains the same.”

Apparently, the ‘priority’ for many in Philly over the last two nights has been to secure some fresh new Jordans from Footlocker and whatever was left to loot at Walmart.

All in the name of “justice” and Black Lives Matter, of course.

Baxter Dmitry
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