Democrat Official Arrested for Pulling KNIFE on ‘Women for Trump’ Supporters

Fact checked
Democratic official pulls knife on women for Trump supporters

The communications director for the Democrat Party of Washington County, Oregon, was arrested after pulling a knife on female Trump supporters at an event hosted by the Oregon Women for Trump.

Clayton John Callahan was arrested on October 4 after “he pulled a very sharp knife and threatened the Republican women,” according to a Facebook post by PJ Media contributor Victoria Taft.

Taft wrote: “The Washington County, Oregon Democrat Party Communications Director, Clayton John Callahan, was arrested SUNDAY [Oct. 4] when he decided to do a little ‘communicating’ with the Oregon Women for Trump group.”

She continued: “He pulled a very sharp knife and threatened the Republican women and a guy he was trying to block. No idea what led to the confrontation except that he appears to be a crazed person who is easily triggered. This appears to be a hate crime. See the arrest record below. Wow. Just wow.’ reports: The altercation was captured on video. Callahan was booked into jail on Unlawful Use Of A Weapon charges but was quickly released.

Video below:

Pulling a knife on people because you hate their political beliefs is a hate crime.

When the knife-wielder is The Washington County, Oregon Democrat Party Communications Director, it should be a cause for firing, prosecution & prison.


    • More likely he’ll end up as a thought leader for the Democrat party the same as AOC.

      Mindlessness and power tripping is the philosophy of Democrats.

  1. People squabbling in the gutters and streets,are just what they who conquer from without by dividing from within love to see ,to set up . And thanks to their TOTAL control over education they can easily make sure theyre,stupid enough to take every bait ,swallow every bait and believe every lie

  2. Cowardly Democrat worm pulls knife on peaceful women in a recorded video.

    Proving once again that all Democrats and all Neocons are criminals and liars.

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