Democrats on Roe v Wade Ruling: ‘There Is a War out There, We’ve Got to Armor Up’

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Democrats declare war on America following Roe v. Wade SCOTU ruling

Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier has called on millions of Americans to “armor up” and commit acts of violence because “there’s a war out there” following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade.

“This is the greatest setback of woman’s rights in the history of this country. We’ve never had the Supreme Court take away rights from people,” Speier said Friday on MSNBC’s “Hallie Jackson Reports.”

“It’s ironic that yesterday they expanded the rights for gun owners, and today, they’re taking rights away from women to control their own body. They are, in fact, mandating government mandates of pregnancy in this country. It cannot stand. We are going to take it to the November elections.” reports: The California politician said her state is preparing to codify abortion access into the state’s Constitution in response to the SCOTUS ruling.

“I think it’s a very real threat. I think it’s also a threat to have a national ban on abortions,” Speier said. “And that’s why my state of California, we can’t take that lightly because we’ve got great laws on the books. And the Governor is about to sign one that enshrines it in the Constitution.”

“I absolutely believe that they are on a path to ban contraception, to affect trans persons in terms of their rights, to ban same-sex marriages, and have an effect on LGBTQ rights in this country,” she continued, referring to remarks made by Justice Clarence Thomas that other cases regarding due process precedents may be reviewed.

“There is a war out there, and we need to recognize that we’ve got to armor up,” she added.

Speier’s incendiary rhetoric could be interpreted by supporters as an incitement to violence, but the Justice Department has shown no signs of taking any meaningful action, even after the failed assassination attempt of Justice Brett Kavanaugh earlier this month.

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