Dems Want To Transfer Air Defense Systems From Saudi Arabia To Ukraine ‘As Punishment’

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A group of leading Congressional Democrats are seeking to punish longtime US ally Saudi Arabia.

They have suggested transferring US weapons systems in Saudi Arabia over to Ukraine and suspending a planned transfer of Patriot missiles to Riyadh in the wake of what they call a “turning point” in Washington’s relationship with the kingdom.

The break in the relationship followed an announcement last week that OPEC, the oil cartel, had agreed to cut oil production over the strong objections of, and lobbying by, the administration of Joe Biden.

The move was by the Biden admin seen as a direct slap in the face and a boost to Vladimir Putin.

Summit News reports: Senator Chris Murphy and Rep. Ro Khanna are leading the charge to get advanced anti-air missile systems which the Pentagon has stationed in Saudi Arabia removed and transferred to Ukraine.

The systems were sent there over the past several years following an uptick in missile and drone attacks by Yemeni Houthi rebel attacks on Saudi cities and energy infrastructure coming from the south.

Murphy announced in a Thursday statement,“For several years, the US military has deployed Patriot missile defense batteries to Saudi Arabia to help defend oil infrastructure against missile and drone attacks. These advanced air and missile defense systems should be re-deployed to bolster the defenses of eastern flank NATO allies like Poland and Romania— or transferred to our Ukrainian partners.”

As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Murphy also lent his voice to ongoing calls to “freeze new military aid to Saudi Arabia” – which would possibly impact the pending sale and transfer of Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM) to Riyadh based on a previously approved contract of $650 million

“Policy decisions have consequences, and these steps would right-size [the] relationship with Saudi Arabia and help Ukraine,” he said this week. The Congressional movement to drastically reevaluate and change the US-Saudi arms relationship has gained traction ever since the October 2018 killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as well as growing alarm over Saudi massacres in Yemen and the dire humanitarian situation.


  1. Just the move Biden! Threaten those that have the most leverage over Washington. About those air defense systems? Advanced Russian missiles hit targets in Kiev before the air defense systems can react to them or sound air raid sirens.

  2. This is the perfect snapshot of the lunatic left: react with emotion versus logic.

    I’m sure the Saudi’s will “learn their lesson” and this won’t backfire on the citizens of the US like those sanctions against Russia.

  3. That shouldn’t be a problem to provide to both countries air defense with the “Defense” budget being close to $1 trillion. The problem lies with the procurement of military hardware at the Pentagon where corruption has no limits.

    • NO the problem will be RUSSIA`s reaction as they have the most RAW&REFINED nuke fuel in the world.Three hypersonic glide vehicles with about 20 MINI nukes and the white flag will be raised.Clusters of MINI nukes on the hypersonical under the radar aircraft and our battle SHIP is SUNK

        • RUSSIA&CHINA both have the hypersonic under the radar aircraft which can carry a cluster of MINI nukes.Three hypersonics with cluster warheads would wipe US off the planet as out land masse and our warheads are outdated and our NASA even is NON-FUCTIONAL.russia has 80% of all nuclear powerplants in the world over 250 of them and has endless RAW&REFINNED nuclear fuels.NO ONE ELSE DOES and the east has always out produced and out invented the west-the west just covers it up and sends us off to die in some new war all about money we don`t have!

          • What about Russia’s ability to DUD the electronics of the incoming nuclear warheads rendering them inactive and harmless?

          • the early warning systems and IRON domes&Control codes could possibly put on some defences for RUSSIA/China plus like you say control blocking but most can be preprogrammed,But China has us on the ropes ALREADY with their FENTANYL being the leading cause of od death 18-48 age group in merica plus covid their bioweapon.NO alarm no amber LIGHTs and we are already being killed by them without our goverment defences.AND zero bombs but yet we are dieing from their DOPE and virus

          • What street drug is elephant tranquilizer?

            What is it? Carfentanil. Designed as a tranquilizer for elephants, this deadly substance has made its way into our nation’s illegal drug market. It’s often disguised as heroin and can kill on contact.Nov 3, 2020

          • People are being given fentanyl as candy without ever even knowing they are being given a drug and it is being put in food.IT is the most wide spred drug war ever seen in america

          • Many OD`s are murders as they don`t even know they have any drugs in their systems.And over the age of 50 OD is the leading cause of death.FENTANYL KILLS PAIN and death bed pain means IV`s&MEDs

          • IF we got our ICBM`s up to their needed ALTITUDE before their NOSE drive in they would have to go 100s of miles up in altitude and in some case from 500-750 miles above the earth.EVERY satellite in the world would see them and the defences and counters of MADD vs MADD would go to midnight something predicted for over 50 years now

          • The IRON DOME but ICBM drop to target from height up to 750 miles ABOVE THE EARTH nothing would stop it you could try to intercept it which they do but most times the intercepter`s fail and also cost 100s of millions each and the nuke still blows up even when intercepted but maybe at height but you will still see major fallout from any ICBM

          • CHINA is ahead of russia in world control and weapons and invented about everything in the IRON age-they own half the world and us and our ICBM codes.Yes russia has some force field weapons and many war stations in near space we don`t and china is going war satellites on our satellites knocking them out-PAY BACK TIME for them

          • EACH ICBM cost over 400 million each and we have trillions$ invested in them BUT they are totally OUTDATED as CHINA &RUSSIA both have the hypersonic glides that can carry muti-mini nuclear clusters.They don`t need any ALTITUDE can`t even be detected by radar and can transverse our land masse before we even know they are here.FIRST STRIKE could we react? we are`nt to FENTANYL or COVID or 911 so no we would never get a ICBM Off most likely.Maybe from over seas but russia&china have a navy&weapons stockpile that would wipe out ANYONE and they don`t need any of the world-they produce everything they need

          • Washington’s Ace is the Submarine, but they were followed by the USSR or 18 years when the Walker Spy Family gave up the communication codes for the Subs to the USSR for $3 million.

          • Russia was shooting down the spaceX off old island off the east coast with sidewinders-You can watch it on you tube even.Russia navy includes all classing of subs as does china,We are in joint operations off the coast of africa fighting the pirates.We lost control of the new russian island after our IRS took down their banking system for offshore money washing.It happened in trumps term and is the reason for our updated space command

          • China has all the SUBs and has been chasing america the UK/EU and even japan off any island they want worldwide for sometime now

          • REAGAN is the ONE who sold OUT TO CHINA and sent our jobs over there and broke our unions.THEY PLANNED IT and are part of IT

          • We have no ACES no GNP=zero defence funds and we hand out money for the tic tic buddies all over the world.We get to shieter seats for 2000$and junk from china,We could`nt build anything with china&russia knowing about it as they have the war satellites stations in place since the late 1950`s

          • Plus the size of their land masse means we would lose just like we did with 911,covid,fentanyl

          • The word is, for historical reasons, Russia will fake weak prompting the Desperate Joe Biden to launch a “sneak” nuclear attack that will be parried by Russia who will then retaliate blasting the Oval Office to bits.

          • Joe will most likely be gone soon and we don`t have a missle that could sneak ICBM need to go 100s miles into space before they can nose drive to target and at half a billion each I don`t think china is going to buy us any as they own us and half the world before ONE BOMB is dropped just like the brits did to them ages ago

          • 911 saw all the goverment at SAC HQ in omaha NE in BUNKERS.East coast SUBs of russia are now on our radar after the spaceX shoot downs by russia sub sidewinders.But they can sneak a hypersonic anywhere and it only take three and after 911 nothing at all and after FENTANYL nothing at all and after COVID nothing at all.ONE% weapon sells&bunker billionares run the world we are but a side shoe to a sidewinder less than 200 miles from my front door still of the east coast island taken by russia in the trump office days

          • The new Russia subs are very difficult to find so assume there’s one hiding within 100 miles of Washington D.C.

          • COOLER HEADs run the DOD not the president or the suit monkeys with hairless faces and plastic lifts

          • The national defence NSA DOD homeland GIVE ORDERS they don`t take them as our goverment isn`t based on defence.The gennys are the goverment of OF OUR DOD our DC doesn`t know much and much is so classifed than about NONE of them know anything about it.Like trumps box of papers in a digital age of chips

          • COUNTER INTEL4sure some level of corruption like everything,WORLDWIDE BROADCAST system since the 90`s alot of INTEL sound scan thermal a million private contractors but the corruption of the ONE% good old boy hand outs has us living in the stone age of weapons

  4. SOUNDs like the peer-fect setup for WW3 like when Russia and CUBA smoked us with the 200 nukes off the KEYs.Russia will NUKE us than! is that WTF the ONE% want-SS?

  5. Not another penny for the corrupt govt. of Ukraine. We are not their piggy bank for weapons. Let them go to to other countries and beg.

  6. That’s all fictions. England started the war in Yemen England works with the house if saud They’re both working together to destroy Americas democracy. Joe must know the game and so he’s playing his part to set America up to lose,
    Putins been meeting with top Western industrialists and they’re constructing the new world order.
    It’s only the American people in particular who have to be totally deceived because, they could awaken and actually physically reclaim the Congress and restore democracy
    “the people are totally fooled” Marilyn Monroe revealed and that was about 60 years ago The Americans today are, dumb, and they don’t know it, really clueless and led like sheep by fabricated stories twisted and convoluted into fictions. And they’ve been attacked in a nuclear war by having their brains exposed to low level radiation for the last three quarters of a century They’re brain damaged too and they’re ignorant of the fact. So all they will do is whine. Story over.

  7. People are thick as bricks. The Saudis are royals created by England and they will stick together They are oil billionaires like the Windsor family with BP and half ownership of Royal Dutch Shell too.
    They will make squillions from ww3.
    Join the dots.

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