Dennis Skinner Accuses Turkey Of Aiding ISIS

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'Keep out!' Dennis Skinner warned MPs during a debate in Parliament

Dennis Skinner

Prime minister David Cameron put forward his case for RAF airstrikes in Syria today saying that if MPs do not vote in favour of military action in the wake of the Paris attacks, our allies will be asking: ‘If not now, then when’?

Dennis Skinner however warned of the perils of Britain’s intervention in the Syrian civil war, warning that the situation is “crazy”.

The veteran Labour politician made some very valid points.

He accused one of Britain’s allies Turkey of aiding Isis by shooting down a Russian jet, bombing Kurdish forces, and buying oil from the militant group.

The Independent reports:

“Isn’t it essential in any prelude to a war to be sure of your allies and be sure of your objectives? Isn’t it a fact that Turkey has been buying oil from Isil, they’ve been bombing the Kurds and the Kurds are fighting Isil, they shot down a Russian jet even though Russia wants to fight Isil,” he said.

“He has got an objective to get rid of Assad, our Russian ally has got the opposite objective. What a crazy war. Enemies to the right of us, enemies to the left of us – keep out!”

David Cameron responded that he agreed the UK needed to be clear about who its allies were in the conflict.

The MP mades their comments during a debate about the Government’s latest line on the Syrian crisis.

The Government wants to intervene but is unsure it would be able to command a majority vote in the House of Commons to back military action.

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