DHS Chief: Stay In Your Homes, “Never Leave The House”

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never leave the house

The Former commander of United States Southern Command and current U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly warns Americans that the terror threat is worse than most people realize, saying some people would “never leave the house” if they knew the truth.

“It’s dangerous out there.”

Activist Post reports:

“I was telling [Fox host] Steve [Doocy] on the way in here, if he knew what I knew about terrorism, he’d never leave the house in the morning,” Kelly said on Fox & Friends, according to The Hill.

Kelly said terrorism is “everywhere. It’s constant. It’s nonstop. The good news for us in America is we have amazing people protecting us every day. But it can happen here almost anytime.”

Here’s what Kelly didn’t tell you: the number of Americans who died worldwide in terrorist attacks in 2015 was eight while the minimum number who died after being struck by lightning was 29.

In 2009, nearly half a million Americans died from heart disease, while cancer killed 575,339, and chronic respiratory disease claimed 143,382 lives, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

“The chances of being killed in a terrorist attack are about 1 in 20 million. A person is as likely to be killed by his or her own furniture, and more likely to die in a car accident, drown in a bathtub, or in a building fire than from a terrorist attack,” notes this life insurance website.

Maybe Kelly should warn Americans about the danger of driving cars or the hazard posed by sofas, but that wouldn’t feed into the terror narrative which is primarily a scare tactic to get Americans to support bombing foreign lands, which in turn creates terrorists like Salman Abedi, who killed people because he was upset about Syrian and Libyan Muslims slaughtered by the Trump and his rehashed coalition of the willing.

Kelly’s remarks remind me of Ice-T’s “Shut Up, Be Happy,” narrated by Jello Biafra.

By Kurt Nimmo, editor at Another Day in the Empire.

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