Thousands of French Citizens Rise up to Protest Mainstream Media

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Thousands of French citizens rise up and protest corrupt mainstream media

Thousands of French citizens have taken to the streets to protest mainstream media outlets who routinely ‘churn out propaganda and misinformation.’

As the anti-globalist movement continues its spread across Europe, people in France are now turning their attention to the dishonest, biased and elitist media outlets that have had a monopoly on the flow of information for decades. reports: As in previous weeks, many protestors carried placards with the abbreviation ‘R.I.C.’ — “Citizens’ Initiative Referendum”, a demand for popular referendums that would be automatically triggered by any referendum calling for a change in government policy getting 700,000 signatures.

If enacted, the introduction of referendums triggered by the public rather than given as a gift by politicians would likely see a massive reorientation of political power in France away from the political elite and even traditional political parties, a clear desire of the Yellow Vest movement which has reacted strongly against Emmanuel Macron’s globalist government.

Switzerland already has a system of citizen’s initiative referendum, and Italy has a similar system. French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said last weekend the government was considering debating such referendums in the future.

The number of demonstrators out was fewer than in recent weeks, but more protests are expected in Paris on New Year’s Eve.

The route of Saturday’s march took hundreds of protestors to the doors of mainstream French television stations, which the Yellow Vests accuse of having aligned themselves with President Macron against the French people.

Demonstrators shouted “Journalists — collaborationists!” and threw stones reports the Associated Press. Police pushed back protestors from the tourist favourite Champs Elysee, where clashes have taken place on recent weekends.

The protests originally began in November over green policies of President Emmanual Macron, who was moving to wean France off automobiles by making buying fuel unaffordable.

After weeks of intense and at times violent protests through which Macron insisted there could be no deviation from his course, the President eventually relented and cancelled the tax hikes, also introducing a rise in minimum wage and a tax cut days later.