Diamond And Silk Just Humiliated Arrogant Sheila Jackson Lee On Live TV

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Conservative social media stars Diamond and Silk were treated like criminals by Democrats in Congress, but they came out on top.

Condescending Democrat Reps in Congress treated conservative social media stars Diamond and Silk like they were a pair of criminals on trial, but the two Trump supporters used their razor sharp wits to come out on top—and it was Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx) who just became the court jester.

On Thursday, the veteran far-left congresswoman from Texas tore into the two black Trump supporters, who were there to answer questions about alleged political censorship by Facebook and other social media sites.

Diamond and Silk, whose real names are Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, had their popular Facebook page marked as “dangerous” by Facebook earlier in April, essentially censoring their voices and cutting them off from over a million followers.

Sheila Jackson Lee apparently thought the bloggers were lying about the chain of events, but her attempt to trip up the Trump supporters fell flat when the congresswoman failed to understand how calendars work.


My understanding is you received the now infamous email from Facebook, the email calling your page ‘unsafe,’ on April 8, 2018?” the liberal questioned.

No … we received that on April the 5th,” Silk said. The automated email in question was when the conservatives were notified that Facebook had flagged their page.

Now on April 11, you appeared on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ on Fox News to discuss this matter. The host Laura Ingraham asked, ‘did you get contacted by Facebook and has this been reversed?‘” Jackson Lee continued, doing her best to trap the witnesses. “Had you been contacted by Facebook?”

We were contacted via Twitter on April the 12th,” Silk explained, referring to an online message that Facebook finally sent in order to clear up the supposedly mistaken flag.

It doesn’t take a genius to follow this timeline: Diamond and Silk’s page gets flagged on April 8. They’re told they can’t appeal.

They appear on Ingraham on April 11, and confirm that Facebook hasn’t fixed the issue or contacted them to resolve it. It isn’t until the next day, April 12, that they finally get in direct contact with Facebook and the social network admits it made a “mistake.”

The fact that April 12 is a later date than April 11 apparently didn’t dawn on Jackson Lee, who tried to accuse Diamond and Silk of lying based on this timeline.

Did you, on that show, say that you were not contacted?” the congresswoman demanded, still confused by dates.

We were not contacted. We were contacted on the 12th,” Silk explained, losing her patience.

So are you saying that you did not lie on that show or you did lie?!” Jackson Lee continued, doubling down on her apparent ignorance.

We did not lie on that show,” Silk shot back. “We did that show on the 11th. We were contacted … by Facebook on the 12th,” she explained for the umpteenth time.

It’s not the first time that Sheila Jackson Lee has made an absolute buffoon out of herself. “Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas proclaimed this week that the Constitution is 400 years old. In other words, its writing would predate the Pilgrims,” The Daily Beast pointed out.

The Daily Beast also recalled the time Jackson Lee thought Neil Armstrong landed on Mars in 1969 (pro tip: The moon is not Mars) and bizarrely explained that North and South Vietnam are separate countries (South Vietnam has not existed since 1975.)

This absolutely condescending line of questioning from a clueless congresswoman is a perfect example of why many black voters, including Diamond and Silk, are rejecting liberalism.

Jackson Lee was so intent on smearing two women as liars that she couldn’t be bothered to listen to their words … or do basic arithmatic. Americans are fed up with being condescended to, and the left may be in for a harsh surprise in coming years.

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