Disney Executive Under Investigation For Boasting About Child Rape

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Disney exec under investigation for repeatedly boasting about raping children

Disney director James Gunn is under investigation for repeatedly boasting about the rape and molestation of children. 

Gunn, who is most famous for directing Guardians of the Galaxy, “joked” about having sex with kids, the Holocaust, Jews, AIDS, and Mexicans in newly unearthed tweets.

Breitbart.com reports: And we all know why: Gunn is a rabid Hollywood leftist and Trump hater. Roseanne Barr is a vocal Trump supporter.

According to TheWrap, between 2008 and 2011, in a series of now-deleted tweets, Gunn was fascinated with child rape:

“Expendables is so manly I fucked the shit out of the pussy boy next to me,” the Disney director writes in one tweet.

“The best thing about being raped is when you’re done being raped and it’s like ‘whew this feels great, not being raped!’” he tweeted in 2009.

“I remember my first NAMBLA meeting. It was the first time I felt ok being who I am,” he tweeted, referring to NAMBLA, a group seeking to make sex with minors legal.

“I’m doing a big Hollywood film adaptation of The Giving Tree with a happy ending — the tree grows back and gives the kid a blowjob,” he tweeted in 2011.

TheWrap also included an apparent screen grab of 16 of Gunn’s tweets tweeted out by Jack Posobiec:

“I like it when little boys touch me in my silly place,” Gunn tweeted in 2009.

“The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of What It Feels Like When Uncle Bernie Fists Me,” reads another.

“‘Eagle Snatches Kid’ is what I call it when I get lucky,” reads a 2012 tweet.

TheWrap also reports that Gunn “apparently deactivated his personal website in the midst of the online firestorm[.]”

One of the reasons might be the prior existence of a video on the site that, according to the site’s own url, was titled: “100-pubescent-girls-touch-themselves.” [Note: Breitbart News has not viewed the video, would not view the video, and will not link the url, even though it has been deactivated.]

According to the Wayback Machine that archives old blog posts, on his now-deleted website, Gunn bragged about receiving the video from Huston Huddleston, who is now a convicted pedophile.

“Huston Huddleston posted this video on my Facebook page with the note ‘I thought you’d appreciate this.’ My response: ‘Appreciate it?!! I just came all over my own face!!’” the post reads.

On top of fantasizing about and belittling the crime of child rape, Gunn also made a series of jokes about AIDS and “ass-raping my friend when she was asleep.”

According to tweets dug up by the Daily Caller, Gunn also has a sordid history involving racist and homophobic tweets that would find any conservative fired and ex-communicated from professional life forever — like Roseanne Barr.

Some on the left are rallying to Gunn’s defense based on an apology he tweeted out late Thursday night and the fact that some of these tweets go back years.

But as we have learned in this, the #MeToo era, there is no statute of limitations on this kind of behavior.

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