DNC Lock Sanders Delegates Out Of Room, Reject Superdelegate Reforms

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DNC deliberately lock Bernie Sanders out of room while they reject superdelegate reforms

Bernie Sanders delegates were forcefully locked out of a DNC meeting on Saturday as the Democratic National Committee attempted to block superdelegate reforms. 

The meeting of 187 rules committee members took place in a small room at the Wells Fargo Center where they unceremoniously voted to reject a proposal that would ban superdelegates in future primaries.

Usuncut.com reports:

The DNC’s Rules Committee, which is co-chaired by former Massachusetts Congressman and outspoken Clinton surrogate Barney Frank, is made up of representatives of both campaigns in proportion to how many delegates each campaign won during the primary process.

DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz also appointed 25 members of the Rules Committee who are able to vote on each proposal. The superdelegate elimination proposal and related measures were easily the most high-profile votes of the day.

On Saturday afternoon, the committee voted to reject a proposal eliminating the role of superdelegates in future Democratic presidential primaries — something that multiple state Democratic conventions voted in favor of earlier this year. Similar proposals to minimize or limit the power of superdelegates were also defeated.

After the elimination proposal was shot down in a 108-58 vote, one Sanders supporter on the committee started heckling Barney Frank. Frank responded snidely.

After the Sanders delegates were removed from the room due to lack of space, they began protesting loudly until private security and police to escort them from the building.

However, despite the votes on superdelegate amendments being unfavorable to Sanders supporters, the Sanders delegation was able to secure the votes necessary to have a minority report vote, meaning that they have the option of bringing up the question of whether or not to limit or eliminate the role of superdelegates for a full vote on the convention floor next week, according to National Nurses United executive director RoseAnn DeMoro:

Bruce Jacobs, an attorney and Sanders delegate from Miami, Florida, told US Uncut that animosity between Sanders delegates and establishment Democrats was palpable after the superdelegate votes, and that this fight is just the beginning.

“We just kept going back up and going back up and going back up, and every vote was coming up with Bernie delegates as yes, and Hillary delegates as no, and it was like that every time,” Jacobs said. “Either Hillary Clinton is going to offer an olive branch and we’ll do something that everyone is going to vote for, or their answer is going to be ‘fall in line and be happy about it.’ And that’s not going to work for Bernie’s campaign.”

The convention officially begins on Monday, July 25.


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