Donald Trump Nominated For The 2016 Nobel Peace Prize

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Donald Trump

Donald John Trump, the president and chairman of The Trump Organization and a Republican presidential candidate, has reportedly been nominated for the prestigious 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.

It is not clear who might have submitted the nomination for the billionaire businessman but do they really have faith in Trumps efforts towards strengthening and promoting world peace…it must be a joke, right?

The Examiner reports:

While the organization is notorious for keeping candidates for the prize secret for 50 years, CBS News reported Wednesday that Donald Trump, Republican presidential hopeful and bloviating buffoon, is legitimately vying for one of the world’s most prestigious prizes.

Before you sound the liberal-bashing alarm, President Barack Obama did indeed win the prize in 2009, much to many Republicans’ (and his own) disbelief. However, you would have to be living under a rock to think that Trump is somehow more deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize than Obama. At the very least, Obama has been an actual president of the United States and has, you know, governed the American people. Trump on the other hand is a loudmouthed billionaire whose campaign was outshined by Ted Cruz in Iowa on Monday, much to Trump’s jealous chagrin.

It’s hard to imagine a man who unashamedly insults women, encourages his supporters to attack protesters in the name of “loving America,” and has called for a totalitarian approach to “religious freedom” where anyone who is not a Christian is suddenly exempt from that Constitutional right. Granted, the man has done so much for reality television that his nomination should really come as no surprise. Yes, Trump, whose only legitimate claim to fame is a very popular reality show and an impressive stack of cash, has the opportunity to snicker in the faces of Americans yet again by becoming the next Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

But he won’t. Just like he won’t become the next president of the United States.

CBS News said it wasn’t clear which qualified nominator, which include lawmakers of national parliaments and former winners, submitted Trump’s nomination to the committee. Whoever did, though, is either a very clever comedian or a complete lunatic. Or both.

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