Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Captured From Air

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Michael Jackson’s empty ‘Neverland’ ranch has been up for sale for the last nine months.

Incredible drone footage shows the deserted property, which is valued at £71 million.

The Mirror reports:

The sprawling estate, priced at $100m (£71.5m), has so far failed to sell after it first appeared on the property market nine months ago.

Now empty, the spectacular drone footage shows just how huge the house and its land actually is.

Sotheby’s International Realty are in charge of selling the property, which was renamed Sycamore Valley Ranch in an attempt to avoid ‘capitalising on Michael’s estate’.

The famous fairground, installed by Jackson, has also been removed from the property as agents made the decision to remove traces of the singer’s memory from the house.

But some features remain, including the extensive topiary outside the front door of the main house, which clearly spells out ‘Neverland’.

And while the house has garnered some interest from prospective buyers, none have completed in a sale.

The main house sits in a whopping 2,698 acres of land and boasts six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.michael jackson

There is also a cinema, several barns, a pool house and a tennis court.

Animal shelter facilities are also included.

Sotheby’s describe the home as “the ultimate ranch retreat, nestled between extensively landscaped gardens and a four-acre lake complete with waterfall, incredible pastoral views to the south and majestic mountain views to the north.”

Michael Jackson bought the property in 1987 for $19.5m (£12.5m).

In 2008, Neverland Ranch was handed over to investment firm Colony Capital LLC after the King of Pop ran into financial troubles.

Following his death in 2009, the ranch fell into disrepair.

Michael’s daughter Paris resolved to restore the home to its former glory after she visited in 2010.

Since it was announced that the property was up for sale, many of Jackson’s fans have announced their dissatisfaction with the decision, believing it should be turned into a place of pilgrimage, similar to Elvis Presley’s Graceland.michael jackson

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