Biden Orders Jews To ‘Cease and Desist’ Buying Guns: “The Gov’t Will Protect You”

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Biden orders American Jews to stop buying guns

President Biden has urged American Jews to stop buying guns in the wake of the escalating Mideast crisis.

According to reports, Jewish families in Southern California are now arming themselves for the first time in U.S. history, especially after FBI Director Chris Wray raised the alarm over the imminent threat of Iranian sleeper cells in America. 

On the opposite side of America, gun salesmen are noting a similar upward trend as one Georgia outlet has experienced a whopping 30% increase in sales. RedState reports:

Tood Whiddon, assistant manager with Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, said he’s witnessing the trend firsthand.

“We are seeing Jewish customers buying their first guns,” Whiddon said. “Overall, we’re seeing about a 30-percent increase in business.” 

 State Rep. Esther Panitch, (D) 51, says antisemitism has been rising in recent years on the right and the left and has spiked since the Hamas terror attack a few weeks ago.

 “It’s a dark and dangerous time for Jews right now,” Panitch, who is the only Jewish American lawmaker in the Georgia legislature, said.

 “I’ve heard from people in the community who are afraid who have talked about other types of self-defense, including firearms,” Panitch said. “I have upgraded my weapons training as a result of what’s going on.”

However, according to the Biden regime, this surge in gun sales must be stomped out as quickly as possible: reports: Reminder: The Second Amendment isn’t about weapon type or caliber or hunting. It is about protecting American citizens from a tyrannical government. Has their ever been a more poignant time for the Second Amendment than right now?

But the O’Biden installation presses on, Reuters reported, “The U.S. has stopped issuing export licenses for most civilian firearms and ammunition for 90 days for all non-governmental users, the Commerce Department said on Friday, citing national security and foreign policy interests. and that the “…risk of firearms being diverted to entities or activities that promote regional instability, violate human rights, or fuel criminal activities.”

Exporters can continue to submit license requests during the pause, but they will be “held without action” until the pause is lifted. The Commerce Department declined to comment beyond the posting on its website.

Sure, not exporting guns and ammunition to our enemies makes sense. But there are layers to this. The edict creates a chilling effect on American gun shops as their primary source of revenue is exports. A loophole, ultimately designed to put scores of small business gun owners out of business, sending a rippling effect among supporters of the Second Amendment and those simply utilizing their God-given right to self defense.

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