Donald Trump Says Disbanding Biden’s ‘Chilling Disinfo Board’ Is Top Priority

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Donald Trump

During a rally in Pennsylvania on Friday, Donald Trump said dissolving President Biden’s new Disinformation Governance Board was a top priority.

The former president said one of the highest priorities in getting Republicans elected to Congress is to now dissolve Biden’s ‘ministry of truth’.

He said: “One of our highest priorities will be to cut down on left-wing censorship and restore free speech in America”

Pointing to the cameras and the press, Trump said: “We don’t have free speech and we have a totally crooked press, all of them back there”

‘We will immediately terminate Joe Biden’s so-called disinformation governing board, how about that one?’ Trump said, adding that it was “a chilling and un-American power grab that we will not allow to stand.”

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the creation of the board last week, insisting it is aimed at combating misinformation, especially online, related to homeland security issues.

Republicans immediately denounced the board as dystopian, likening it to the Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth’ and said it would be another way for Democrats and the government to police what conservative voices were saying online.


  1. Way off the mark It’s time for total tyrrany
    He needs to go full psycho and really drain the swamp Get the army back home to clean out the trash. Do some domestic genocide. Wipe out 40%of surplus to requirements population of totally redundant Democrats.

  2. shocking proof that the republican party is truly on the wagon rolling towards the republic’s destruction. They are arguing the terrible choice made by the Homeland security chief for the “minister of truth”, instead of attacking and smashing the whole idea of makeing such a department. the only one I saw attacking the making of a depart of truth is Rand Paul. They should all be in solidarity to destroy the idea of making a truth ministry.
    They don’t have a problem with a minister of truth, but just who will run it. This is a huge warning sign that the entire government needs to be scorched.

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