Dr. Oz’s Love Letter to Joe Biden Unearthed

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Dr. Oz's love letter to Joe Biden resurfaces

Dr. Mehmet Oz sent a series of gushing letters to Joe Biden, according newly unearthed social media posts.

Before deciding to become a Senator, Dr. Oz had many great things to say about President Biden.

“Growing up, Joe Biden and I went to rival high schools and both played football,” he wrote in a 2021 Facebook post.

“Biden went to Archmere Academy, and I played for Tower Hill, albeit at different times (He’s number 30, and I’m #71 in the middle),” Oz said.

“Sports teach us about the sacrifice needed to unify individuals into teams. Rivalries push us to excel—they teach us about the passion and confidence needed to win, and most importantly, the resilience needed to re-enter the arena after failure. From one athlete to another — congratulations, President Biden.”

Westernjournal.com reports: That’s not exactly a nice little congratulatory note to a guy with whom Oz had a very tenuous connection. (From the sound of things, the relationship was about as close as the best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris Bueller pass out at 31 Flavors the night before his big escapade, so I don’t think it’s pretty serious.)

Instead, it reads like Oz was trying to echo that positive vibe everyone on the left was feeling about Joe Biden on Jan. 20, 2021. The man was an athlete, a can-do kind of guy. He’s resilient — and he managed to take the presidency after “re-enter[ing] the arena after failure.”

Well, two failures. Oz forgot to mention it was two failures. One of which had to do with plagiarism.

But I digress. It basically sounds like Oz couldn’t remember the words to the poem “Invictus” (“My head is bloody, but unbowed”), forgot the title, too, so he couldn’t Google it, and just went with this instead.

Again, if this lapse into Biden-praising happened in isolation, fine. This doesn’t disqualify someone from running as a Republican for the Senate or being an effective GOP lawmaker. But the problem, of course, is that this isn’t in isolation.

For starters, let’s take COVID-19 policy, where Oz wanted us all in isolation.

On March 17, 2020, Oz gave an interview with NBC News in which he endorsed draconian-style lockdowns like we were then seeing in Wuhan, China, to deal with the novel coronavirus:

“The Chinese numbers have dropped dramatically, which is fantastic news, and it’s also valuable for us to understand why they were able to do that. If you look inside of Wuhan province, they had a catastrophe,” Oz said.

But outside the province — which was quarantined in the largest movement of its nature ever, with nearly 60 million people blocked in that space — the country was relatively spared. China didn’t have the big spikes, the huge crises that Wuhan experienced, and it took the country in a very different direction.

“We just have to copy what they did, take their blueprint and repeat it here in this country … I think a week from now we’ll start to see the benefits of what many would call draconian actions, shutting down all public gatherings,” Oz concluded.

We all now know that policy was far more draconian than it was originally sold by the Chinese government. And while the current lockdowns in Shanghai have put the human and economic cost of China’s lockdown strategy on full display — as well as providing final proof this was always about power, not efficacy, for Beijing — even in March 2020, these were extreme measures, a complete abrogation of personal freedom. And Oz was enthusiastically cosigning it.

Nowadays, of course, he’s all about freedom, tweeting this on Monday:

And here’s Dr. Oz from the past to debate Dr. Oz in the present:

In addition to his issues on COVID policy, Oz isn’t exactly a staunch defender of the sanctity of life, having attacked fetal heartbeat bills and the pro-life movement. He’s supported so-called red flag bills, which let authorities seize your guns without a warrant on thin pretexts and, to top all of this off, hardly even lives in the state where he’s running.

But, you know, he played football. Just like Joe Biden, a guy Oz seemed to like a whole lot back in January 2021.

Funny how things change.

Sean Adl
Having cut his teeth in the mainstream media, including stints at the BBC, Sean witnessed the corruption within the system and developed a burning desire to expose the secrets that protect the elite and allow them to continue waging war on humanity. Disturbed by the agenda of the elites and dissatisfied with the alternative media, Sean decided it was time to shake things up. Knight of Joseon (https://joseon.com)