Druid Style Stonehenge Stones Spotted On Passing Comet

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Cameras on the Rosetta space probe have spotted what looks like druid structures on the comet. 

A huge Stonehenge-style circle of standing stones has been spotted on the surface of the comet.

Metro.co.uk reports:

No white-robed figures have been seen nearby, but the probe is still looking.

One of the rocks – a huge boulder with a diameter of around 90 feet – appears to be balanced precariously on the comet’s surface.

‘We had noticed this formation already in earlier images, however, at first the boulders did not seem to differ substantially from others we had seen,” says OSIRIS scientist Sebastien Besse from ESA, who first noticed the formation.

“How this apparent balancing rock on Comet 67P/C-G was formed is not clear at this point,” says OSIRIS Principal Investigator Holger Sierks from the

The scientists believe that the rocks may have moved from their original location, due to ‘transport processes’ on the surface.

The researchers say, ‘Scattered boulders are seen in many places on the comet’s surface, sometimes in otherwise relatively smooth regions.

‘One of the largest – Cheops – measures approximately 45 metres in size and sits in the middle of the smooth part of Imhotep on the underside of the comet’s large lobe. In other regions, it is more common to see rubble piles comprising hundreds of boulders.’

The scientists hope that further detailed imaging of the rocks and other formations on the comet’s surface will reveal more information.

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