Duchess of Cornwall: “Biden Kept Doing Sh**ty Farts in Front of Me – It Was Impossible To Ignore”

Fact checked
Camilla Duchess of Cornwall reveals Biden kept farting in front of her

President Joe Biden couldn’t stop doing loud, smelly farts while in the presence of the Duchess of Cornwall at the COP26 summit.

According to Camilla, Biden kept “breaking wind” right in front of her as she attempted to make small talk with him.

As the Daily Mail notes, an insider claims that “Camilla was taken aback to hear Biden break wind as they made polite small talk at the global climate change gathering in Glasgow last week.”

‘It was long and loud and impossible to ignore,’ the source said. ‘Camilla hasn’t stopped talking about it.’

Thelibertydaily.com reports: It would be easy to make a crude joke or engage in clever wordplay over the incident, but I’ll pass. Joe Biden is no joke. He’s a nightmare and the longer he’s allowed to continue his charade of being president, the worse it gets for America.


  1. Badbreath Obummer had a fly infestation, then Horrorly Clinton (probably maggots too), now it looks like the blowflies are coming from Biden’s arse.

  2. Captain Poopy Pants make Billy Saxophone look presidential and Tricky Dicky like an honest president.

    This is the most embarrassing fake leader ever. Even Yeltsin looks better.

  3. …. probably S#1T himself and the rustle of the depends made it sound like a fart, still it would explain why they placed him far to the side of stage during the leaders photo op, so far in fact that another couple of inches he woudl not have been in the pic…

  4. I overheard someone comment; “His daddy could have saved the world a lot of problems by just using a Trojan or letting it hit the floor.”
    I agree.

  5. Ironic isn’t it? Useless Biden’s global warming methane farts are no problem, but farts from useful bovines need to be eliminated.

  6. Dick Tater Joe couldn’t have chose a finer person to show his utter contempt for life everywhere, and Camilla deserves his stink. Probably the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to her! She’s queen material? A LADY would never mention the incident to ANYONE. What if Joe Depends beefed while speaking to HRM? Nothing would be said, Queenie would think she’d farted. I swear, why can’t we get rid of octogenarians in national and international politics? How one longs for days past when YOUTH was everywhere, in politics, art, endless corruption.

  7. It’s so overwhelmingly absurd, having him as President. He makes Donald Trump look like both Einstein and an altar boy. Let’s be honest. The lefts fanatical, sick hatred of Trump would have turned up serious crimes against him, since they had him investigated in minute detail. He must be the cleanest politician in Washington. LOL

  8. Camelilla, double dry humped: Any and all at the COP26 Great Reset climate hoaxathon deserve every form of putridness that the assembled demons dish up.

  9. Biden’s ability to create a good air biscuit is the one and only thing that he can do well any more. It didn’t help that the dinner was baked beans, broccoli and brussels Sprouts with cabbage soup.

  10. First thing that he did right in both principle and delivery. The pullout in Afghanistan was right in principle, but not in delivery. This shitty farting in front of British “royalty” was “spot on”. Cheers.

  11. Well Wadda ya know. O’Biden does know how to squeeze things out. Handlers gave pat on the back for that one… Musta been the Yorkshire Pudding…

  12. I didn’t realize Bidens first wife Neilia suicided by truck in 1972. Drove head on into a truck with their three kids. What with the diary and molestation charges from his daughter Ashley, recently, Hunters crack whore pedophilia/laptop (apple falls close to the tree) I wonder if Neilia could not take the fact her husband is a pedophile and ended it in the most violent way. We all know Biden. You are a fucking disgrace to the Office of President. We shall not have an appointed President again.

  13. One can only deduce that it was a major event for this old cow. I’m sure it would have been sufficient to improve her usual dour expression momentarily. We’ll be hearing more about it from her.

  14. Let’s not be fooled, Biden isn’t running anything, the 10 Bolshevik jUzzze in his cabinet are.
    Want to know what the 35 million murdered Russian Christians went through under Bolshevism?
    Just give up your guns to this satanic tribe of goblins and find out.

  15. He’s a criminal, a serial liar, a corrupt career politician, his own daughter makes it sound like he molested her, his son is a criminal, he has dementia, he is gutting the country with illegal mandates and engineered “supply chain shortages” and destroying everything we stand for by inciting racial tensions with CRT and other propaganda, and pushing sexual deviants on kids, he couldn’t run a small business, his foreign policy is a complete disaster, and this is all she has to say about him?

  16. Biden is a filthy degenerate marxist animal that needs to be brought to justice for what he’s intentionally doing to destroy this country! Stealing an election to overthrow America is the HIGHEST FORM of treason! His illegitimate and treasonous administration is America’s enemy and it needs to be taken down immediately!

  17. Hey he was making small talk, It’s best way he could respond with out lying. Breath smelled the same anyway… FJB

  18. Let’s review: 2nd rate women sleeps her way (over the body of the mother of the future king of England) to the Throne… and is only offended by a visiting Presidents emission of gas.

  19. Leave it to the jews…
    Shittin’ and gitten ,
    “Joe Biden is no joke. He’s a nightmare and the longer he’s allowed to continue his charade of being president, the worse it gets for America.”
    But as a shabbos goy he’s the jews new Woodrow Wilson
    Pax jewdaica, make AmeriKa kosher

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