13 RINO’s Vote Emphatic ‘YES’ on Biden’s Great Reset Bill

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13 RINO's vote yes on Biden's Great Reset agenda

Thirteen Trump-hating RINO’s are facing backlash for enabling Joe Biden’s radical $1.2 trillion ‘Great Reset’ bill, otherwise known as the infrastructure bill.

After 13 Republicans voted to pass Biden’s far-left bill, a rule was passed providing consideration for the reconciliation package’s framework.

Breitbart.com reports: If the 13 Republicans had not voted for the infrastructure bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) would not have had enough Democrat votes to pass the bill. But 13 Republicans did vote for the bill, which removed the leverage to block the reconciliation package from moving forward.

Ryan James Girdusky tweeted the breakdown of the 13 Republicans. According to Girdusky, eight Republicans are in red districts and face a tough reelection year. Two are retiring, and three are in blue districts:


Kambree tweeted all 13 establishment House Republicans must be defeated in 2022 for spinelessly betraying the GOP:

Stephen L. Miller suggested Friday that Biden should thank the Republicans for passing his agenda:

Gavin Mario Wax noted Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY), one of the 13, will face reelection in a plus 11 district:

Liz Joy tweeted Biden’s agenda was passed while Americans were asleep, robbing and pillaging them:

Scott Parkinson revealed the 13 establishment House Republicans voted “to do the Chamber’s bidding” in reference to the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber represents big business interests on Capitol Hill:

Raymond Arroyo doubled down, also suggesting the establishment House Republicans helped Pelosi pass Biden’s radical agenda:

Adam Korzeniewski hammered Nicole Malliotakis as a weak, “NeverTrump” congresswoman:


Larry O’Connor tweeted the 13 establishment House Republicans “allowed” the far-left squad to “escape without any political repercussions from their party”:

Josh Mandel tweeted that all 13 establishment House Republicans “must be eradicated” from the Republican caucus:



  1. The witches
    13 Wasn’t there 13 signatories on the fraud constition too.? And wasn’t there 13 states at the time? Something like that. Secrets.

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