Seattle Police Begin Arresting People Who Read the Bible in Public

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Seattle police begin arresting people who read bibles in public

Police in Seattle have begun arresting people who read bibles in public due to the “offence” they might cause to people in the LGBTQ+ community.

Matthew Meinecke was arrested recently for reading aloud from the Bible in a public park during a gay pride event. reports: Meinecke was also arrested last week for reading his Bible aloud near a pro-Moloch demonstration. I’m not sure what the facts were there, but according to reports, the Seattle city prosecutor does not plan on charging Meinecke for anything. This reveals the true purpose of the arrest was to silence Meinecke so the Gay Pride bunch wouldn’t be upset.

I’m going to return to a theme that I’ve harped on in the past. Too many conservatives have bought into the “back the blue” nonsense in response to the “defund the police” movement and BLM rioting. This is misguided. Police aren’t guarantors of freedom; they are the enforcers of the administrative state. Police unions and cliques of senior police officers are one of the major forces against gun rights. Time and again, you find the police cheerfully enforcing the most shameful regulations. During the “pandemic,” police in (at least) New York and New Jersey broke up funerals and gatherings in private homes. They arrested people in empty parks and on deserted beaches. They arrested people for not wearing masks. Their record on protecting the First Amendment rights of Christians is similarly checkered. Dearborn, Michigan, had to pay a substantial settlement because the police arrested Christian preachers outside the venue of a Muslim street fair. Earlier in “Pride” month, police in Coeur d’Alene threatened to arrest Christian ministers presenting a message counter to the depravity going on. And now we have this.

The police are on the side of the people who write their checks. Period. If you think you can rely upon the police to act as a bulwark for your rights in the face of a hostile government, you deserve whatever misfortune befalls you. If you want to support police departments that treat hooded Antifa thuglets as a privileged class and street preachers as the enemy, you should probably reconsider your political philosophy. We should support law enforcement to the extent that they are keeping our communities safe. Beyond that, we owe them nothing. When they act lawlessly to keep Gay Pride exhibitionists from having their feelings hurt, they have forfeited the right to our support.


  1. If they didn’t need the moslems on their side, though why the moslems go on their side after all the bombs they’ve caused to be dropped on them and after all the decades they’ve made them the enemy beggars belief But once they’ve gotten rid of the Christians the moslems will be next.

    • Liberalism and Muslims are like oil and water. Liberals are too stupid to realize this. Remember what Muslims does to LGBTQ+ people? Muslims are not on their side.

      • The nazis aka Catholics ala left wing Liberals unite with the moslems during war. Unless they’re warru g against them That’s why it’s unbelievable the Islamic world becomes their ally in wars except the wars are against the Christians a. D Jews being the protestants Orthodox Jews Buddhist. Its never about a single issue.

        • You are so far to the right that you THINK the world is left when all those hippys were genicided in the 60`s REMEMBER?

      • Look around at the world how the left wing have caused Moslems to have to flee to.
        The west as refugees and immigrants everywhere And look how the lefties call ot harmony a d multi ctruisn as they force the moslems out of the oil rich middle East.

    • I believe in the near future you’ll be seeing fireballs hitting these cities run by godless democrats, for real.

    • Pride goes before the fall–they had their pride month now I’m trusting it is time for the fall.

      • pride had the permit that day-the preacher? could get a permit anyday also or he could cause a riot and loss of life by stealing their stage.wear a tee shirt take the beatdown?

        • The pride and fall I’m talking about don’t come with a permit–Bible, pride goes before the fall–give it till fall and see what happens.

    • No, actually just the cities run by liberals on the coast need to be. Get away from metro and you find normal people.

    • Sorry to inform but all of North America is infected. Let Mystery Babylon fall in one day.

  2. The illuminati/jesuit/freemason/black nobility satanists goal is to destroy true Christianity and unite the world under a world religion and world government. Christianity will be blamed and constantly discredited in the days ahead. The churchs are infested with masons and roman catholic/pagan doctrine, and most Christians will fall for the deception and accept the world religion and antichrist.

    • Jesuit Superior General Michael Angelo Tambourini, during a private meeting, in 1720, with the Duke of Brissac, vaunted: “See, my grace, from this room-from this room-I govern not only Paris, but China; not only China, but the whole world. Without anyone knowing how it is managed.” So you see, these men rule not just their Order, but much more besides from their court at Rome.”

      -P.D. Stuart, Codeword Barbelon, p. 185-186

    • There is video of it posted at Redstate of the original source on Twitter –
      The Seattle Preacher
      June 26, 2022

  3. You got to get the permit-he should have just thumped the bible thats allowed anywhere but in church

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