Pelosi’s Bizarre SOTU Behavior May Be Result of Mind-Altering Drugs For ‘Psychotic’ Disorder

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre hand and mouth movements witnessed during the State of the Union address this week may be the result of a rare psychotic and neurological disorder, according to a source familiar with the disease.

Whatever it was that Joe Biden said during SOTU was not as memorable as the involuntary and disturbing convulsions of the woman who is, at any moment in time, just two heartbeats away from being the President of the United States.

Apparently, a lot of folks think that Nancy has old and bad fitting dentures and she likes to use her tongue to play with her teeth. Sorry folks, that’s nonsense. Pelosi has plenty of money to to have the best TV teeth that money can buy.

The issue of the hands: THAT WAS WEIRD! When Biden mentioned the burn pits of war, Nancy stood up and rubbed the bottom of her palms together like someone had sprayed them with a perfume tester sample of the burn pits, while grinning deviously.

Even Democrats admitted it was creepy.

While this behavior might convince many that Nancy is possessed by one or more demons (and who am I to argue?), I believe that these strange and horribly inappropriate manifestations may be the side effects of mind altering medications.

If so, these symptoms have a name. Tardive Dyskinesia.

Tardive Dyskinesia according to :

Tardive dyskinesia is a neurological movement disorder that is caused by the long-term use of a certain type of medications called neuroleptics. Neuroleptic drugs are usually prescribed for psychiatric conditions, although they may be used to treat gastrointestinal or neurological conditions in some cases.[1] Tardive dyskinesia is primarily characterized by repetitive involuntary movements of the jaw, lips and tongue such as grimacing; sticking out the tongue; and smacking, puckering and pursing the lips. Some affected people may also experience involuntary rapid, jerking movements (chorea) or slow, writhing movements (athetosis) of the arms and/or legs. It is unclear why some people who take neuroleptic medications develop these symptoms while others do not.[2] Treatment for this condition varies but may include stopping or minimizing the use of neuroleptic drugs and/or taking additional medications to to reduce the severity of the symptoms.

If (and I repeat if) Speaker Pelosi has Tardive Dyskinesia, then by the above definition she also has has at least one other disorders, two of which may be psychotic or neurological.

If the person who right now is closer to being President of these United States than anyone else in the world save Kamala Harris, has even the most remote chance of a diagnosed psychosis or neurological impairment, is she fit for office in this condition at the ripe old age of 81? 

What kind of shape is the United States in? The President is clearly suffering severe cognitive issues. The third in line is disturbing people with her demonic behavior. Is this the first time in American history that we have to honestly question the cognitive state of our highest leadership to competently serve?

If we look at Nancy Pelosi’s hands, it is a ‘hand wringing’ situation to be certain.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  2. She ‘s demon possessed that is her privilege scrub, she talked about a while back she is cleansing them of their responsibility for the deaths of the 13 in Afg.

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