Dutch Elephant Appears At Car Boot Sale [VIDEO]

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An escaped circus elephant visits a Dutch car boot sale looking for goodies

Dutch Elephant
A 40-year-old Dutch elephant attends a local car boot sale and casually browses through the merchandise.

A car boot sale in Noordwijkerhout had a strange visitor on Sunday – Buba had wandered away from the Freiwald circus and decided to browse through the stalls.

Video of Buba the circus elephant taking an afternoon stroll, away from her place of work and handlers, was taken by a Dutch couple attending a nearby car boot sale.

Buba is the last of the circus elephants in Holland.

Wouter Louwerens YouTube video:

Once or twice a year my girlfriend and me like to visit a local car boot sale in summer. Accidentally this time there was also a circus nearby. So early in the afternoon Buba, the last elephant in a Dutch circus, decided to go for a walk. It was beautiful to see how she as well as the public stayed quite calm. After a few minutes her handler arrived and took her home as if he was walking the dog.

Although I believe wild animals don’t belong in circuses at this day and age, I can see the dilemma of Circus Freiwald. There will be a ban on wild animals in Dutch circusses soon. Buba has been with Freiwald for most of her life and is considered part of the family. There seems to be no room for elephants in European zoo’s so Buba night have to go to the US or Africa. Buba is 40 years old.

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