Dutch Government Admit Chemtrails Exist

Fact checked
An official from the Dutch government admits that chemtrails exist

A video has been leaked in which a government employee from the Netherlands Department of the Environment admits that the Dutch government are aware that chemtrails exist. 

In the 12 minute video (below) a Dutch investigator questions the environmental officer on what he knows about geoengineering.

Geoengineeringwatch.org reports:

The environmental officer actually admits to the geoengineering reality, stating the following:

Yes, but I will not deny that geoengineeing is taking place, that is clearly known.

The environmental officer then adamantly denies the true scale of the climate engineering assault.

We assume that this is taking place on a very limited scale.

The governmental representative goes on to say this:

Uh… and there is no major impact on health and the environment.


The systematic denial and/or confirmation bias that is rampant throughout the whole of academia, governmental agencies, and society in general, is truly beyond rational comprehension.

Though it is simple enough to identify the self-serving motives of such behavior, one wonders how these individuals face their own image in the mirror. The effort to fully expose the criminal conduct of official representatives like the one in this recording is a responsibility that must be carried forward by us all, make your voice heard.