Epstein Files Renew Suspicions That He Was Working For Mossad To Blackmail The Elite

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Barak Epstein

The Jeffrey Epstein list of associates unsealed by a US judge has reignited suspicions that the pedophile financier was an asset for the Israeli intelligence agancy Mossad.

On Wednesday night, Israel’s former prime minister Ehud Barak was identified in the bombshell dossiers. He served as PM from 1991 to 2001 after serving in the IDF for 35 years, rising to Chief of the General Staff.

Turns out that Epstein met with Barak at least THIRTY SIX times.

Former intelligence operatives including ex Mossad agent Ari Ben-Menashe have claimed that Epstein was a spy for Israel who used his relationship with ‘useful idiot’ Prince Andrew to glean information 

The Mail Online reports: While he is mentioned only fleetingly in the new files – an Epstein victim asked whether she’d ever given Barak a massage – there has long been speculation surrounding his relationship with the financier.

Barak met with Epstein some 36 times and was pictured entering his Manhattan townhouse with a scarf around his face in 2016. Young women were seen coming in and out of the residence that same day.

Former Israeli spies have gone on record stating that Epstein’s international sex trafficking was a honeypot entrapment operation – gaining valuable ‘kompromat’ material to blackmail political and business elites.

Prince Andrew, also named in the new list, was Epstein’s ‘useful idiot’, according to an ex-intelligence agent, and described by the financier as his ‘Super Bowl trophy’ for his powerful connections.

During the pair’s friendship, Andrew invited Ghislaine Maxwell and the financier to high society events in London – even allowing them to stay at the Queen’s Balmoral estate. At the time, Andrew served as the UK’s international trade envoy, helping the government to promote business abroad.

Maxwell – who acted as Epstein’s madam – is also closely intertwined in the alleged honeytrap operation. Her father Robert Maxwell, a British newspaper magnate, is alleged to have been a Mossad agent and may have provided the link between Epstein and Jerusalem’s intelligence agency.

Like Epstein’s alleged hanging while awaiting trial, Maxwell’s death on his yacht – The Lady Ghislaine – off the coast of Spain in 1991 has attracted suspicions of assassination.

‘Prince Andrew wasn’t being blackmailed, he was being used as a useful idiot,’ former Mossad operative Ari Ben-Menashe told RT International. ‘He was being used to bring in some of the celebrities.’

Ben Menashe worked for Israel‘s Military Intelligence Directorate from 1977 to 1987.

His allegations were backed up by Epstein’s former ‘mentor’ Steven Hoffenberg, who claimed that Epstein had referred to his relationship with the prince as his ‘Super Bowl trophy’.

The late financier also met with current head of the CIA, William J Burns, on numerous occasions in 2014.

Epstein claimed to have information that would rule both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump out of the 2016 general election, according to his brother.

Mark Epstein told The New York Post on Wednesday: ‘Here’s a direct quote: “If I said what I know about both candidates, they’d have to cancel the election.” That’s what Jeffrey told me in 2016.’

Prince Andrew vehemently denies any allegations against him and last year settled a $16m civil suit with Epstein victim Virginia Roberts, formerly Giuffre, who accused the royal of rape.

Although the agreement contained no formal admission of liability or an apology, it said he accepted Roberts was a ‘victim of abuse’ and that he regretted his friendship with Epstein.

Epstein was introduced to the spy game by Ghislaine’s father Robert, according to Mossad agent Ben-Menashe who claims to have been the British media tycoon’s ‘handler.’

A friend of the Maxwells, Laura Goldman, further stated she believed not only that Robert Maxwell was a Mossad spy, but that Ghislaine carried on his work.

Journalist Julie K Brown, who broke the Epstein case for the Miami Herald, pointed out the eerie similarities between the deaths of both Epstein and Maxwell.

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