Eric Holder to Leftists: “Riot and Get Arrested To Stop Voter Security Measures”

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Eric Holder calls on leftists to violently resist voter integrity laws

Obama’s former Attorney General, Eric Holder, has urged far-left protestors to take to the streets and clash with police over voting security laws.

During an episode of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” host Maddow asked:

“What do you make of the direct action strategy that is being brought by voting rights advocates?

“Obviously, Vice President Harris and President Biden are very much in support of the reforms like The For the People Act, and they’ve advocated for it.”

“We know that. We’ve heard all the speeches. We know their position.

“Yet you’re seeing increasingly relentless focus by moral leaders getting arrested at the Senate office building, at the Supreme Court, at the White House,” she added.

“We’re expecting this summer of direct action on voting rights to accelerate to where there will be considerable civil disobedience outside the White House, people trying to set off a moral alarm here.” 

“What do you make of that strategically, as someone who has been a target of that in the past and someone who knows the people being targeted by these activists?”

Holder replied:

“Power concedes nothing without demand. We too often underestimate the power we have as regular American citizens by marching, by protesting, by raising our voices.”

“That’s a really important part of the thing that I’m leading, The National Democratic Redistricting Committee,” he added.


“We have a big advocacy campaign to get American citizens involved in this fight.”

“If we make our voices known if we demand the kind of change, the fair change we’re seeking, I think it will help in the process.”

“It’s not going to probably move Republicans,” he continued.

“On the other hand, Democrats are going to have to think to themselves, ‘do I want to be seen as the person who James Eastland…those people before, who stood against the passage of Civil Rights bill–do I want to have that as my legacy?’ In raising the consciousness of people, by demonstrating, by getting arrested, by doing the things that ended segregation.

“If you asked people in the 1950’s, ‘do you think marching, demonstrating is going to bring down a system of American apartheid?’ You probably would have said, ‘that’s just not gonna happen.’ And we should not lose faith right now. Citizens can make a change. Citizens need to be in the streets. Citizens need to be demonstrating, citizens need to be calling representatives to demand the time of change that will make this country more representative, make our democracy more fair.” reports: The Republican-controlled Texas Senate voted Thursday to advance the election bill which Democrats have criticized as restrictions to voting rights. The bill would eliminate policies implemented during the pandemic such as drive-thru voting and overnight voting. The legislation will also require voters to show identification.

Meanwhile in Georgia, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is suing the state over a recently passed election law that requires voter ID for absentee ballot requests and expands early voting. The DOJ argues the law is meant to suppress the votes of black Americans. 

Holder also accused Republicans of cheating, claiming Republicans gerrymander districts to rig elections in their favor.

“Republicans have to cheat in order to win. So yeah, they’ll try to do what they can in Texas and Georgia, Florida, North Carolina. We’ll bring lawsuits if we have to do that,” Holder said. “If you fight for that which is fair, if we are successful in that fight, Democrats will do as I said, just fine. We don’t have to cheat. Republicans have to cheat in order to win and that’s why they are in favor of partisan and racial gerrymandering.”

Congressional Republicans have warned fellow party members to be careful when it comes to redistricting, according to Politico. Strategists warn Republicans may overplay their hand when it comes to gerrymandering and it could lead to negative consequences for Republicans.

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