Poll: Most Europeans Believe Immigration & Terrorism Pose Greatest Threat

Fact checked
New poll reveals most Europeans see immigration and terrorism as their greatest threat

A new poll shows that an alarming number of Continental Europeans and Britons worry most about the threat of immigration and terrorism above all other security threats to their respective countries.

While countries in Eastern Europe such as Lithuania and Poland worried most about Russian power and influence, the general consensus in Western Europe was concern over immigrants and terrorists.

Information Liberation reports: Citizens of Great Britain, France and Spain said terrorism was the greatest threat to their country’s security while citizens of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Greece and Italy said the greatest threat was immigration, according to a new YouGov poll.

Nearly every country said immigration was the most important issue facing the EU:

When it comes to protection against terrorism, the majority of citizens in France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, Italy and Spain said they don’t trust their government “very much” or “at all” to make things better.

They similarly had no faith their governments would protect them from crime and the threat of immigration.